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Ransomware attack - How to protect your EVS equipment

This weekend, the WannaCry ransomware attack has impacted more than 150 countries.

WannaCry exploits a vulnerability in Microsoft Windows and affects machines running on the Windows operating system. Once a machine is infected, the virus scans the internal network to infect other machines.

Microsoft recommends to apply security updates and has released several security patches.

From the beginning, EVS has been following this threat very closely and has initiated several actions to guarantee the proper functioning of the EVS solutions. During the past 48 hours, our team in charge of quality has begun to test the Windows patches on our solutions.

Even if we haven't received any notifications from our customers regarding this attack so far, we highly recommend that you download and install the Microsoft security updates available on the following link (Microsoft Security Bulletin MS17-010). The security patches are classified according to the different versions of Windows, which will enable you to download the appropriate patch.

This Microsoft webpage doesn’t include older versions of Windows. If you don’t find in the above link your current Windows version, you can also check this alternative Microsoft link.

We hope that it will help you.

If you face any problems with our EVS equipment due to this attack, please note that our customer support team remains at your disposal (https://myservices.evs.com/) .

Best regards,

EVS Support Team