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Bright outlook for France's La Chaîne Météo with the roll out of DYVI switcher from EVS


La Chaîne Météo is a 24-hour weather channel and was the first of its kind in France when it began broadcasting in 1995. In 2006 it was acquired by Météo Consult, a meteorological research bureau that wanted to utilize the channel’s resources, personnel and video production infrastructure. Météo Consult is owned by multimedia publisher Figaro Group.

Predominantly funded by advertizing and deals with cable TV operators, La Chaîne Météo boasts a strong reputation with more than 2.3 million viewers every month. Its resources are also used to output content for Météo Consult’s website – which has an average of 4.5 million unique monthly visitors – and its mobile app that has been downloaded over 15 million times.


As audience expectation has continued to rise, La Chaîne Météo was keen to upgrade to HD, so the channel’s production team needed to modernize the workflows it had used to output content since 2008.

The proposed new infrastructure would have to let the channel’s facilities operators transition easily, making sure there were no disruptions to its 24-hour broadcasting. They also needed to have confidence in the new equipment without having to undergo extensive training.

Due to the nature of La Chaîne Météo’s output, it required new systems that were flexible enough to make the challenge of producing media for both the broadcast channel and Météo Consult’s multiple digital platforms a simple one to achieve. Most importantly, any new facilities put in place had to be hard-working and reliable because the channel wanted the workflow upgrade to last for at least ten years.



To act as the centerpiece of its new production workflow, the channel invested in a DYVI switcher from EVS – a system that’s perfectly suited to the production of content for multiple platforms. The switcher was installed in a single-panel, two processing module configuration and its extensive creative toolset. DYVI’s IT foundation and GPU-powered architecture perfectly suits the demands of La Chaîne Météo, providing flexible configuration of the production control.

DYVI proved a simple transition for La Chaîne Météo’s production crew and soon after training and implementation, the channel began broadcasting in HD for the first time. “DYVI has been very easy to learn to use because it is so intuitive,” said Anthony Darque, the technical director using the switcher. “We started to benefit from it very quickly after training,” he added.

DYVI’s touchscreen graphical user interface (GUI) and modular and scalable design offers La Chaîne Météo an easily customizable solution both for its main daily production that runs from 6am until 7pm every day and for output to Météo Consult’s platforms. This flexibility means the switcher will easily last more than the ten years required, even if production requirements change in the future.


  1. Operational longevity
    EVS has a well-earned reputation for developing robust and reliable equipment. La Chaîne Météo will be able to continue benefitting from the switcher for years to come
  2. Scalable IT foundation
    Operators can use the GPU nature of DYVI to benefit from its customizable panels and conditional macros
  3. Easy operation
    DYVI’s intuitive touchscreen means it’s easy to learn without the need for an extensive training program
  4. Power and flexibility
    The switcher twins the calculating power of a traditional unit with the flexibility of a post-production workflow for faster and more efficient overall operation



Deployment of the DYVI switcher allows both La Chaîne Météo and Météo Consult’s brands to produce higher-quality programming and has given the French television channel’s production team a brand-new approach to live TV. Anthony Darque added: “The EVS switcher provides a great amount of programming flexibility due to its customizable nature, which is unique and lets us control other third-party systems and automate certain operations.”

“DYVI breaks the limits that I have come up against when using more traditional switchers. The number of effects has previously been limited to a system’s hardware capacity, but DYVI’s configuration and processing capabilities allow our team to roll out an unprecedented number of effects and still have resources left.”

When asked about the impact the switcher has had on the team, Florent Schindler, directeur de l’information at Météo Consult said that “DYVI’s efficiency has meant that operators within the production team are able to put aside technical challenges. This lets them find more creative ways of working, helping to improve the overall quality of our programming.”