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EVS equips Zhejiang International Film & TV Center’s sprawling new production complex


Backed by Zhejiang Radio & TV Group , the Zhejiang International Film & TV Center is a new state-of-the-art production facility under Zhejiang Television (ZJTV), one of the most successful television production companies in China. ZJTV serves the Hangzhou city and Zhejiang province and since its first broadcast in 1960 has been at the forefront of TV production and innovation in China, producing top-rated shows including “Voice of China.” ZJTV is operated by the Zhejiang Radio & Television Group—China’s fourth biggest television network—and currently broadcasts in Mandarin. 


ZJTV recently established Zhejiang International Film & TV Center, a state-of-the-art IP and cloud enabled-production center in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou City, approximately 30 kilometers away from its previous production facility. The new center houses four new studios: two 600-meter studios, one 1200-meter meter studio, and one 2500-meter studio. It was vital that the new facility integrate with the existing studio for fast delivery of workflows as well as online editing. As a long-time customer, ZJTV looked to EVS for the latest advanced live production solutions to maximize its content production, integration and marketing capabilities.


A total of 20 XT/XS production servers are used at the facility, including four-channel XS media servers which combine worry-free ingest to playout with legendary EVS speed and flexibility. XS offers fast, reliable access and distribution of multi-camera content as well as seamless integration with non-linear editing functions. XT3 servers take the art of replay to new heights, offering more channels, greater support for SuperMotion cameras and high-demand creative and technical advancements.

IPDirector content management systems provide the tools for instant access to and control of all live video content. The workflow also includes XFile3 file transfer and transcoding, allowing operators to find and store archived content-transcoding it if required – and automatically back it up – from a single connected workstation. Two C-Cast agents are utlized to distribute content via the cloud. 

  • 1. Grow as you go
    Flexible XS media production servers allows users to scale while providing the most native codec and format support available for HD to UHD operations.
  • 2. Support for high resolutions XS and XT servers support 1080p, SD/HD or UHD-4K to flex with your production’s needs
  • 3. Don’t miss a moment with EVS’ loop recording technology
    With EVS’ loop technology, EVS servers continuously record at all times so you never miss a moment of live action
  • 4. Instantly share content, edits and metadata
    All the tools to share and enhance media as well as shared storage, NRCS and third-party integration – all managed from a single, intuitive interface.
  • 5. Easy restores with transcode
    XFile3 makes restoring content simple thanks to its automatic transcode during restore. transcode between formats like SD, HD, and UHD-4K, as well as dozens of codec and file formats


The solutions provided for Zhejiang International Film & TV Center enable organizations like ZJTV to produce high-quality, fast-paced sports, entertainment and news programming. In addition to the speed, power and support for SuperMotion cameras of next-generation XS and XT servers, the solutions not only bring the ability to flex and grow with production needs but also next-generation IP and cloud-enabled workflows. The new studios provide the tools to produce more content and do so more efficiently, faster and with greater quality than ever before. 

“Working with EVS for some years now, we were familiar with the quality and reliability of their equipment but with the advanced capabilities of this new facility and the need to integrate with our existing studio, features like workflow flexibility and superior online editing were critical. EVS delivered it all.” 

Pan Xifei, Director of Broadcast Department Zhejiang Radio & TV Group​

In addition, the ability for content owners to maximize the value of their media by connecting live multi-camera content with production teams, rights holders and final viewers, brings greater content sharing capabilities and revenue opportunities.

“EVS servers are stable and reliable, but that’s just the beginning,” said Mr. Pan Xifei, Director of Broadcast Department at Zhejiang Radio & TV Group. “Thanks to EVS, we’re taking advantage of the most advanced server technology, IP and cloud capabilities in the industry today.” 

  • XS: The fastest access to and distribution of multi-camera recorded content in the industry for HD to UHD operations
  • XT3: The latest generation of server, with flexible twelve channel SD/HD and 1080p or three channel 4K configuration to flex with your production needs
  • IPDirector: Live content management provides instant access to and efficient control of EVS server live video content
  • C-Cast: Turnkey, cloud-based SaaS platform, delivering live content directly to content producers and consumers’ connected screens.