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EVS manages volumes of content for 2014 Asian Games

Hosted by South Korea, the 2014 Asian Games was based in the city of Incheon, 27km southwest of the capital Seoul. The event, which opened on September 19th and closed October 4th 2014, incorporated a staggering 439 events across 36 different sports. The television coverage was managed by a specially-formed body, the Incheon Asian Games Host Broadcaster (IHB), a joint venture between national broadcaster the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) and the Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), the oldest commercial broadcaster in Korea.

The sheer amount of content created a challenge as a total of 49 venues were used for more than four hundred events. Each venue had its own local television production facilities, which were linked to an international broadcasting center in Incheon.

Across the duration of the Games, more than 5000 hours of video content was created and stored, all in high definition.