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SoonerVision gets a first - string upgrade with EVS’ ChannelMAX


The University of Oklahoma (OU) is home to nearly 31,000 students. SoonerVision produces award-winning content for Sooner Sports TV, OU’s multiplatform network which broadcasts 12 varsity sports including football, men’s and women’s basketball and women’s gymnastics, among others.

 Sooner Sports TV programming is distributed on a variety of FOX Sports and cable outlets, bringing live action as well as original programming, studio shows, webcasts, features, and more to the region’s avid sports fans and across the country.

SoonerVision also produces and operates the video and scoreboard displays that appear in the historic Gaylord Family – Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, the Lloyd Noble Center, McCasland Field House, L. Dale Mitchell Park, Marita Hynes Field, and the OU Soccer Complex. In 2015 OU was recognized by the Informational Display and Entertainment Association as the Best Overall Big Screen Display in the college division for two consecutive years. 


SoonerVision is of one of collegiate sports most cutting edge production studios with a reputation for producing premier original content and live sports.  As OU Athletics continues to excel, the fan base continues to grow. And as the demand to create exciting content in real time and produce games at lightening speeds also grows, OU looked to EVS to upgrade its live production capabilities, recognizing that the latest state-of-the-art live production tools would provide more speed, power and efficiencies and better equip their studio for the future. 


OU expanded its SoonerVision workflows with new ChannelMAX XT3 production servers. The ChannelMAX mode of the XT3 allowed for the doubling of channel density and provided the studio with a total of 36 channels. Multicam engine software updates enable SoonerVision to easily and continuously expand their channel density as needed, and provides the industry’s most flexible server.

EVS’ XT3 ChannelMAX also supports every SuperMotion camera on the market and provides native options for up to 12 record channels with proxy encoding in HD and 1080p or up to three channels of UHD-4K – in any in/out combination. New features are backed by renowned EVS speed and reliability, and unique loop recording technology, which give XT3 users complete media control, from ingest to playout.

The new servers support the existing EVS-led live production workflow, which includes the IPDirector production suite, which gives the SoonerVision production team complete ingest control, content browsing, metadata management and playout. The LSM Connect for touchscreen clips and playlist management, Xsquare with XTAccess gateway software, and the XFile3 file transfer and archive tool are also part of the integrated system. 


Faster, streamlined workflows with more channel capacity and greater flexibility means that SoonerVision can better leverage its wealth of raw content. Ingesting, enhancing and packaging more content leads to increased and higher quality programming and more revenue opportunities down the road.

Assistant AD of Broadcast Operations Brandon Meier explains, “These critical new capabilities, which include the XT3 Spotbox configuration for multiple channels of key/fill, give us a whole new range of higher quality, faster and more efficient content production, and ultimately enables even better viewing experiences.”

 The new system also provides unparalleled support for today’s explosion of content formats and higher frame rates.  “This system supports our new high frame rate SuperMotion cameras and makes the push/pull from our non-linear editing and archive system work much more efficiently,” commented Meier.

A testament to the quality of the live new workflow, ESPN and FOX use SoonerVision’s production facility to produce the TV broadcast, saving the networks the expense and resources of bringing in remote trucks. SoonerVision uses the second control room and other EVS channels to support its big screen show. 

Meier explains, “We really utilize the flexibility in configurations.  For a studio show we are in one configuration, if we are broadcasting two games on TV while supporting the big screen we use another, if we are only doing one TV broadcast and we want to utilize the SSM camera we use another.  Having this flexibility really helps us utilize the servers for almost every production we do.”

“Reliability is important. We haven’t had a server go down or had to re-boot a production in my nine years at OU.”

Brandon Meier, Assistant AD of Broadcast Operations , SoonerVision