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Using live production servers to enhance TV entertainment

The challenge

In times of ‘TV everywhere,’ OTT services and easy access to a huge range of programming, consumers’ expectation is for a greater choice of content and rich, on-demand programing. Audiences expect to find media – premium level content and consumer generated content – that is compelling.

Live programming should also be integrated with social media channels for audiences to engage fully. As viewers watch a show, they want to be able to discuss it with their networks and with others watching.

More so today than ever, content should be available on multiple screens and have interactive elements to it. A fully engaged and fully immersed audience won’t drift away.

This interactive, engaging content needs to be available across a whole range of genres. That being said, due to the complexity of modern production workflows, it’s more technically demanding to do this in some genres than others. This is true of ‘event television’, large-scale entertainment productions like Dancing with the Stars/Strictly Come Dancing, talent contests like The X Factor, and live music events like Glastonbury and Coachella. In other program genres dramas, comedies and magazine shows produced in studios the drive is for high productivity. Whatever the program, content should be delivered closer to transmission. Quick turn around and high studio occupancy should deliver a strong return on investment for the technical infrastructure.

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