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Faster Content, Better Stories.

Broadcast Centers

Broadcast Center

EVS provides maximum efficiency for demanding productions where deadlines are extremely tight.

Our integrated solutions offer a robust and blazing fast method to record, edit and play back countless number of hours of content for news and sports productions.  Intuitive tools enable all content to be logged, tagged and stored, allowing any producer or editor instant access to all online and nearline media through browse and search tools.  EVS systems can be tailored to your specific workflow needs, integrating other departments for the repurposing or the post-production of any type of content at any given time.  In addition, second-screen multimedia content packages can be efficiently created and distributed to your connected viewers.

Key benefits for production teams:

  • Production Content Management for access to every asset for every staff member.
  • Content contribution – bridging live venues and broadcast centers
  • Creative program assembly and effects for faster content with better quality
  • Content sharing to post production & delivery to new audiences
  • Integrated transform and transfer for time savings and simplicity



Broadcast Center & Studio Production

Outside Broadcast Production Trucks

Sport Federations & Leagues

Teams & Stadiums