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Events Host Broadcasting

In today’s flagship event broadcast operations, EVS technology is employed at all levels of production.

Events Host Broadcasting

Host broadcasters need a way to effectively ingest, manage, create, archive and distribute content from multiple live feeds coming in from the sporting venues – fast, efficiently and effectively.  EVS solutions give production teams located at the hub, in the remote trucks, and at various remote locations with a way to access, share, edit, create and distribute  content -- in multiple formats and multiple content packages -- for television audiences as well as for connected second-screen viewers.


  • Live production of venues using remote trucks,
  • Live slow, super slow and ultra motion replays.
  • Compilation of best clips or creating highlights packages, all in 2D and in stereoscopic 3D.


  • An integrated solution allowing multiple feed ingest and media exchange on a central online server infrastructure
  • Offers instant access to content recorded during a competition with advanced search
  • Allows easy interchange  of media content with the host broadcaster, as well as with other networks. 
  • Footage recorded and logged into the event media server can include multiple feeds such as camera angles, as well as ENG material from field reporting crews.
  • Provides highlights and news reports prepared by host broadcast production teams.  These items are then immediately available for broadcasters to use for their own production and post-production.


  • Maximizes the remote access to content,
  • Allows broadcasters to access, browse and review a complete program with any selected camera angle.
  • Allows a remotely located production to select sequences by creating sub-clips and importing the hi-res media file through multiple gateway solutions provided by EVS and selected third-party operators.

MULTIMEDIA  (link to Multimedia Solutions page)

Enables Content owners, rights holders and broadcasters to distribute personalized media experiences to connected fans – anywhere they’re located.

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