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Central and Flexible Ingest solution

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The Central and Flexible Ingest solution reduces the time between the ingest of live multi-camera feeds, to the production and post-production stages in studio entertainment and news environments. By leveraging EVS’ XS line of production servers (XS-NEO and XS-VIA) and the IPD-VIA Ingest or Record apps, the solution provides fast, simple ingest with dynamic, concurrent support of multiple formats, codecs and framerates, including 24p cinematic framerate and Long-GOP XDCAM.


Solution benefits

Remote accessibility

Thanks to the solution’s web-based user interface, your staff can manage and monitor all live ingest processes from anywhere at any time, from their laptop at home or back at the production site.

Shorter production cycles

Through an intuitive HTML 5 web interface, the user can schedule live feed recordings directly from one or multiple EVS servers onto a central storage for edit while capture, increasing productivity.

Secure and stress-free operations

EVS’ proven track record shows its technology works time and time again without fail, and the loop recording functionality of the server guarantees uninterrupted recording and access to your media at any time.

Fast and efficient creativity

EVS technology saves valuable time for your creativity by reducing time spent looking for shots and managing content through integrated multicamera editing, easy to find metadata.


Stack your servers to scale-out as you need while maintaining multi-camera groups for faster post-production. The user can then define which channels are linked to each other throughout the server stack.





  • Frame accurate multi-camera/multi-feeds ingest solution
  • Multi-destination delivery workflows enabled by VIA Flow
  • EVS continuous loop recording technology
  • HTML5 Web UI (anywhere access)
  • Seamless integration with popular post-production systems
  • Edit while capture
  • Check-in to Avid Interplay (incl. IPD-VIA Metadata & Multi-angle group)
  • Ingest Hi+Lo files to shared storage managed as IPDirector nearline
  • Dynamic format support (including i-Frame, Long-GOP and 24p cinematic framerates)
  • SDI and SMPTE 2110 connectivity





Software-defined studio production server

XS-NEO is EVS’ software-defined server designed to offer simple and efficient ingest for studio and post-production operations. Hosted on EVS’ reliable PMR processing module, XS-NEO embraces all of the benefits of COTS hardware, while supporting SDI/IP based productions and also delivering EVS’ unique loop recording technology to users. The server supports other framerates such as 24p and Long-GOP native encoding. Channels can be individually configured and changed without having to reboot the system.


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Studio production server


With XS-VIA, broadcast center and studio operations can also benefit from EVS’ trademark hardware platform. Optimized for the recording of multiple audio and video feeds, as well as instant control and multiple channels of playback operations, XS-VIA offers higher 1080p and UHD-4K channel density and supports both SDI and IP to suit all your production needs. The server can be scaled easily with the XNet-VIA network capability for practical and fast turnaround environments.


More details

IPD-VIA Ingest


Feed ingest scheduling app


IPD-VIA Ingest enables the scheduling and monitoring of live feeds ingested on the XS servers with a clear view of your recorded, scheduled, and live feeds through an intuitive HTML 5 web interface.

IPD-VIA Record


Multi camera crash record ingest app


IPD-VIA Record enables multi camera crash record. Instead of scheduling your recording, you can also define the channels you want to record and simply press the record button when you are ready to begin the live streaming.



VIA Flow workflow monitoring app


VIA Trace enables the monitoring of your workflows and the tasks that compose them. Through a simple interface you can not only monitor these but also take appropriate action such as cancel, retry, pause and restart.