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Live Connected Campus

Live Connected Campus

Dedicated solutions designed to meet the unique needs of the university/college live production environment

Demands are high for modern universities and colleges to quickly and easily access, produce and deliver compelling content.  Live Connected Campus offers centralized live production and broadcast with instant media availability for news, educational and sports programming along with multimedia distribution within a fully collaborative environment.

Leveraging IP and cloud infrastructures already available, EVS’ best operational production tools enable the live content to be enriched, compiled, browsed, shared and archived instantly between operators, producers, editors and other stakeholders – wherever they are located on campus and beyond.

With Live Connected Campus,  universities and colleges have everything they need to document their legacy, provide more content access, and build new revenue from video and live content.



End-to-end, IP connected workflow optimized for live storytelling production,
efficient content management and multimedia distribution (...)

Broadcast Center & Studio Production

Outside Broadcast Production Trucks

Sport Federations & Leagues

Teams & Stadiums