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Training details

C-Cast Integration Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Asset Management

On request
1 day
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course provides the integrator with a complete overview of the C-Cast API and the potential of the C-Cast Central Channel and Metadata Management. It is aimed at organizations that have to integrate the C-Cast API and that will subsequently have to integrate the C-Cast Applied partner program.

Target Group
Integrators, broadcasters who wish to implement the C-Cast API.

A minimal knowledge of API Development.

Course Content
  • Presentation and overview of API documentation. Description of the different components and their role:
    • Channels
    • Publications
      • Video Assets
      • Renditions
    • Streams
    • Recorder Profiles
  • C-Cast Central
    • Publish/reject/hide content:
      • API Results and construction
      • Practical examples and exercises
    • Metadata Management
      • Log Feeds
      • Keywords
      • Publications Types
      • API Results with practical examples
    • Security & Access
      • Origin of the content
      • Endpoints
      • Encryption
  • CDN