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Training details

EpsioLive Operational Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Replay & Effects

On request
1 day
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the EpsioLive application, a detailed description of the operation of the system and its calibration

Target Group
Experienced replay operators, off-side line operators

Having built up an experience in the operation of the LSM-XT.

An on-line tutorial is available on the EVS website. This tutorial can help you preparing your participation to this course by introducing its basic concepts. Or it can be used after the training to refresh these basic concepts.

Course Content
  • Introduction and presentation:
    •  Aim of the application
    • Presentation of the different graphic tools
  • Wiring Diagram and description of the system’s connections (Epsio and EVS server)
  • Start up and operational check of the system
  • Concept / Working principles:
    • Virtual field concept
  • Description of the calibration process: theory and practice
  • Operations of the off-side line and the graphical tools: theory and practice
  • Description of the settings
    • Chroma key settings
    • Remote panel settings
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects