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Training details

IPAirEdit Operational Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Asset Management

On request
2 days
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course aims to present the AirEdit application, integrated in the IPDirector suite, to the trainee and give a detailed explanation on how to use the delay and editing functions

Target Group
Operators and Editors

Experience on the EVS Servers would be a plus

Course Content
  • Introduction and presentation of the AirEdit application
  • Description of the wiring diagram and connections
  • Presentation and description of the user interface:
    • Editing panel
    • Browser panel
  • Operations
    • Operations on clips, trains, segment clips: different possibilities to load the media, different possibilities to create clips, updating clips and segment of clips
    • Operations on loaded timeline
    • Timeline Management: live tags and bookmarks, segment management, timeline editing, playout transition effects
  • Program Manager
    • Program definition / Servers assignment / Program settings
  • Program List Manager
    • Program items: add/remove/update/select program items, purge program list
    • Breaks: add/remove/select a break from a program item
    • Break Elements: add/remove/clear/select a break element, add a clip into a break
  • Practical Exercises on the different subjects