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Training details

IP2Archive Operational Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Asset Management

On request
1/2 day
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the IP2Archive system (hardware and software) as well as the description of its operations on the media available in the system for archive, restore and purge purposes.

Target Group
Archivists and media managers in charge of archiving and restoring clips

A good understanding of the IPDirector suite from the user’s perspective is required

Course Content
  • Course introduction and presentation of the system architecture
    • Description of the Hardware components (EVS systems, HSM system and LTO Tape Library)
    • Description of the IP2Archive Software components
    • Description of the archive workflow
  • Presentation of the Deep Archive Manager user interface and description on how to use it for archive/restore purposes and for job prioritization:
    • Archiving clips to LTO
    • Restoring archived clips from LTO
    • Removing hires of archived clips
    • Purging clips from LTO
    • Monitoring archive, restore and purge processes
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects