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Training details

LSM-XT Basic Operational Training

Course ID
Multicam LSM
Course Description
Product category
Replay & Effects

On request
2 days
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the LSM-XT series servers, the basics in the operation of the system in a Sport Replay workflow as well as some advanced options

Target Group
Replay operators, editors

No previous experience is required.

Course Content
  • Presentation and overview of the system Hardware & Software
  • Presentation of the different control modes (PGM/PRV mode, Multi PGM mode)
  • Basic operation of the system using the remote panel or VGA screen:
    • Replay & Slomo
    • Clip Management
    • Playlist Management
  • Description of Network operations
  • Description of the Setup menu and parameters involved in the basic operations
  • Presentation of the LSM Connect for clips and playlists management
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects