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Training details

X-One Operational Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Unified Production

On request
1 day
EN, FR (other languages on request
Course Objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the X-One unified production system and a detailed description of the operations of the system.

Target Group
Technical directors and operators in charge of cutting the live program on smaller scale productions.

A good understanding of broadcast productions and live directing

Course Content
  • Course introduction and presentation of the system and its architecture
    • System description and aim of the system
  • Start up, operational settings and check of the system
  • Description of the operations:
    • Live switching: description of the interface and operations for live switching (Program, Preview, adding clips and graphics)
    • Live replays: managing live replays in the program
    • Audio management and mixing
    • File management: import and management of AV media, graphicq, transitions
    • Graphics management: creation and edit of graphics within the X-One graphics editor
    • NDI graphics: description of the possible integration with external graphics system through NDI feed
  •  Practical exercises on the different subjects