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XStore Archive Technical Training

Course ID
Course Description
Product category
Shared Storage

On request
1 day
English (other languages on request)
Course Objectives

This course provides the engineer with a complete system overview (description of the components), a description of its architecture and basic principles, the tools to configure, monitor and diagnose the system.

Target Group
Technical managers and engineers

A minimum knowledge of computer systems is mandatory.

Course Content
  • Introduction and product description
  • Architecture: presentation of the basic principles (NAS, LAN, Mediaservers, SAS, RAID, Array, SBOD, Controller Head, etc.) and overview of the system components
  • Hardware presentation (architecture, components description and operation – monitoring, startup, shutdown, upgrade and replacement)
  • Monitoring and configuration tools
  • LAN integration (architecture and operation)
  • Basic system diagnostic : diagnosis of “fail-stop” failures
  • Part replacements: Step-by-step replacement procedures
  • Practical exercises