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Immersive Live—the viewing experience of the future

EVS’ ecosystem of Connected Live technology and Creative Live solutions allow content owners, producers and broadcasters to awe viewers with new, immersive viewing experiences. We call it Immersive Live. Together they enable consumers to engage with live content, including UHD-4K with HDR, 360 motion replay, and augmented and contextual visual effects on any screen.


Connected Live

Connected Live is a fully integrated EVS-based ecosystem that enables users to build solid and future-proof IP production infrastructures and create new multi-site collaborative workflows.

Through our smart transition to IP technology, IP4Live, broadcasters and media organizations can benefit from streamlined media processing and management.




Click on the banner below to learn about the other component to Immersive Live, EVS’ Creative Live ecosystem, a collaborative environment of solutions that enables users to create the most compelling stories from any media source. With the Creative Live toolbox you can deliver the richest, most creative live programming to today’s demanding audiences.