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The broadcast industry is undergoing a transformation. Audience expectation for more, the proliferation of ‘prosumer’ equipment, and new stakeholders entering the market are putting content producers under more pressure to create new kinds of engaging video, as efficiently as possible. To allow content creators to address these challenges and make the most of every moment, EVS is introducing a new way to deploy live production workflows.


The purpose of EVS’ new core platform is to allow content producers and facility providers to create the most compelling live stories, assisted by technology instead of being constrained by it.
The service-orientated nature of the platform makes it easier for your users to put in place live production workflows that better suit your facilities’ needs. And the integration of third-party technology using an API gateway will enable users to create completely customized production systems.
VIA represents much more than just new technology. It’s enabling a new way of thinking about creating live programming to meet today’s needs and execute tomorrow’s content production demands.
VIA sits at the core of EVS’ emerging product portfolio and is supported by three technology pillars


In 2018, EVS introduces several products that are unleashed by VIA platform.
Welcome to the production workflows of tomorrow in which your content creators can take advantage of tailored production solutions and service-centric technology to allow them to create the most immersive live programming.
The latest in the series of EVS’ industry-leading servers, XT-VIA features a VIA-enabled network module. This transforms how every user accesses content throughout the production workflow. Read more

With the first application of EVS’ own neural networks, the new version of the video refereeing system features an AI engine VIA Mind that calibrates the field of play to automatically to ensure the highest reliability for accurate graphics such as an offside line for soccer. Read more

DYVI is the first system enabled by the new modular service platform of EVS that truly unlocks new creation perspectives. DYVI offers your live creative teams the ability to think differently about the way to execute live production around video switching. Read more

The IP infrastructure tool is a great example of how a software-defined approach can enable the next-generation of broadcast facilities. By eliminating dedicated hardware cards, the function as-a-service approach of SCORE Edge capitalizes on the VIA module approach for live in-network processing of IP flows. Read more

Introduced in 2017, EVS’ unified production system uses the core of VIA to create a transformative production tool. By orchestrating modules, X-ONE provides a new way to execute lower-tier productions with the best high-end production technology. Through a contextualized user interface comes simplicity, allowing content creators to produce more with the same deployed resources. Read more