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VIA Flow

Workflow management, customization and monitoring

Born from the microservices architecture of the VIA platform, VIA Flowis a central and agile workflow engine that allows you to monitor and manage the flow of media throughout the EVS ecosystem and to easily customize your workflowsVIA Flow covers the entire EVS product portfolio, from feed or file ingest all the way to digital distribution.

Key benefits

  • End-to-end workflows – monitor and manage your workflows from ingest to archive, from the field or OB trucks to the cloud 


  • Flexibility – create workflows that can change and evolve over time 


  • Openness – benefit from ‘open’ workflows accessible by APIs, so users can easily implement the workers/connectors/workflows they need without deep involvement from EVS  


  • Visibility – help editorial teams keep track of their work and use exception-based monitoring to help technical teams support the system 




VIA-Flow is natively available within IPD-VIA, EVS’ next-generation live Production Asset Management (PAM) solution. The engine already powers:


  • Ingest – to manage the transfers/transcode/QC required to get content into the system


  • Digital publishing – to publish content to social media (native connectors with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as ‘generic’ connectors for 3rd party CMS)


  • Collaborative workflows – to facilitate sharing of content between sites and EVS products/applications. VIA Flow is at the core of C-Next, a multi-site workflow monitoring application, already in use today to exchange content between broadcast centers and OB trucks in the field using file accelerators like Aspera or Signiant