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VIA Flow

EVS' central and agile workflow engine

The implementation of VIA Flow, a central and agile workflow engine is one of the key improvements brought by the VIA platformFrom feed or file ingest all the way to archive and digital distribution, VIA Flow allows you to manage the flow of your media throughout the entire EVS ecosystem and easily create and customize your workflows at any given moment

Key benefits

  • End-to-end multisite workflows – monitor and control your workflows from ingest to archive from anywhere


  • Flexibility – design customized workflows that meet your requirements and can easily evolve over time


  • Openness – benefit from ‘open’ workflows accessible by APIs


  • Visibility & control – help editorial teams keep track of their work and use exception-based monitoring to help technical teams support the system 




Already integrated with IPDirectorIPWebC-Next, and more recently with IPD-VIA Ingest and VIA Trace applications, VIA-Flow enables: 

  • Flexible ingest – to manage the transfers/transcode/QC required to get content into the system fast


  • Digital publishing – to publish content on social media platforms (native connectors with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter as well as ‘generic’ connectors for 3rd party CMS).


  • Connected, multisite workflows – to facilitate the browsing and exchange of content using file accelerators between multiple sites


  • Workflow monitoring and control - to get real-time status and instantly control the progress your workflows and their subsets with highly configurable filters