Why should I upgrade my old XT servers?

As requirements in live production continue to evolve at a rapid pace, it might be time for you to upgrade to the latest XT-VIA line of EVS servers. Take advantage of our upgrade offer to move on up now!

  • Continue receiving world-class support

    To continue benefitting from the world-class support and assistance you are accustomed to, you will need to make sure you upgrade your servers to XT-VIA. Please refer to our end-of-life announcements page to find out when your old servers are going out of service.

    EOL announcements

  • The most powerful server on the market

    XT-VIA is not merely the next step up from the XT3 or XT4K, it introduces a whole new generation of server technology providing significantly more powerful processing. Here are 9 reasons to move on up.                                                             

    9 reasons to move up

  • Your entry into the LiveCeption ecosystem

    At the heart of our LiveCeption Signature solution, XT-VIA integrates perfectly with the new LSM-VIA replay system and with many third-party technology partners for seamless operations.                                                             

    LiveCeption Signature

Move on up now!
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