Training details

  • Product Dyvi
  • Category Production Switchers

3 days


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with a condensed 3-day operational description of Dyvi live production tools.

A selected range of tools will be covered from basic to intermediate level. The default panel functions assignment will be used as a starting point to then move forward to a customized and personalized layout.

Exercises based on real life production needs will come with each section to prepare the trainee to be immediately operational on completion of the course.

For a more comprehensive and advanced training option please see details of the 5-day operational course.

Target group

Switcher operators, technical directors, broadcast engineers.


Having a knowledge of switching/mixing basics such as layering, transitions, DVE, etc.  

Course content

Part 1 - Training Introduction

  • Outline of Dyvi System.
  • The Dyvi panel.
  • The Dyvi GUI
  • Simple layer/keyer setup and operation
  • Simple replay transition

Part 2 - Topics / Modules

  • Scenes / Stages
    • Scene/Stage organization
    • Layering in scenes
    • Keyers filters (luma, ext, CK)
    • Stored state (Open/close clapboard)
    • GUI panes’ view, Live Stream, Presets
    •  Scenes in directory groups vs in stages
    • Text object, mattes
    • Resource display (GPU%)
  • Transitions
    • Transition definition, differences w/ classic switchers
    • Next transition selection from panel
    • Replay wipes
  • IO’s
    • Logical sources (Physical inputs)
    • Effects on sources
    • Source option (individual vs presets)
    • Outputs (Clean, tallys)
    • Aux (source option)
  • Panel
    • Modify an existing panel assignment
    • Using menus in panel touchscreens
    • MFM (if present)
  • RAM Recorder
    • Load from HDD
    • Clips channels + record/save
    • Stills
    • Import into/export from HDD + reload stills
  • Macro’s
    • Record/Play from panel
    • Edit macros from GUI / Parameters
    • Macro - Clip Board
  • Timelines
    • Simple TL w/ auto define
    • TL w/ manual define
  • Multiviewer
    • MV composition, presets
    • HR / LR
    • Audio bars, labelling
  • External control
    • Machine Control (LinX, AMP, VDCP, BVW75)
    • Aux Panels
    • GPIO (if box present)
  • Coupling/substitution
    • Bus & Parameter coupling
    • Substitution tables
  • Setups
    • Productions
    • Supervisor brief overview

Total - 38 modules

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