4k / UHD
12 Channels
10 Gbps
IP enabled


Transitioning to 4K/UHD is easy with XT3. The 4K XT3 offers 3 channels of 4K capabilities, while adding 4K is a simple upgrade for existing compatible XT3 systems. The workflow is identical to HD, giving LSM operators a familiar environment for creating instant replays, slow motion clips and highlights. Epsio Zoom provides the sharpest 4K zooming through cue-point tracking.

12 channels

We’ve packed unprecedented flexibility into the XT3 with 12 channels of multiple Supermotion camera configurations, enabling up to two users on the same XT3 system to create with more power.

10 GIGABITS Per Second

Higher frame rates and 4K content pose no problem when you need to get it there fast. XT3 supports 10Gbps for its core media IT network, enabling high-speed transport to your archives, editors and consumers.

IP enabled

The new IP Gateway opens up the world of IP video workflows for advanced file management, control, contribution, browsing and archiving. Truck Manager provides the easiest way to configure, implement and store multiple system set-ups, remotely and on site.

LSM Cockpit

With new Dual LSM mode your get exactly two operators with the ability to configure their own personal settings and map their specific camera angles preferences independently of one another, all on one server. When fully utilizing the server’s 12 channels, recorded cameras can be attributed to either LSM operator with ease. Dual-LSM mode not only increases flexibility and ease of use, but the ever-important ROI. Another reason why XT3 is a smart investment.


Martijn Swart

CTO, broadcast rental

Protect your future with the next XT3 server

“The LDX XS 6-speed camera together with the XT3 is virtually a plug-and-play system that’s easy to configure. From the perspective of engineers and operators, it feels familiar – like operating a normal camera or a more common 3-speed Super Slow Motion system.”

The unique loop recording of the EVS XT3 systems means that replays and clips can be recalled at any time. Unlike other Ultra Slow Motion systems, it’s very straightforward to show these as a first replay.

The 6X camera will be used mostly in sports productions. However, the excellent light sensitivity of the camera means it’ll also be great to use for entertainment productions, including talent and game shows. Using Ultra Slow Motion for productions like So You Think You Can Dance or Celebrity Splash adds a rarely before seen view, bringing the emotion and action to life in new ways.

Using the LDX XS in combination with the EVS XT3 platform, means operators don’t require additional training and are instantly able to show the best quality replays. Due to the EVS network, the Ultra Motion pictures are immediately available for any member of the production team to use for highlight packages and features.

The 6X camera performs really well in any sports or entertainment production. Thanks to the integration with EVS XT3, the replays not only look great at 1/6th of regular speed, but also in any other speed required by the production."

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Brian Mccann

Freelance EVS operator

Seamlessly integrate
Production tools with the XT3

“I've used LSM Connect for professional baseball and hockey, as well as live coverage of college basketball. I like anything that allows me to do what I need to do for the show quicker or easier. The LSM Connect does that for me.

By allowing me to name and add metadata to clips before saving to the server cuts a lot of time during clip creation and again when doing metadata-based searches to find exactly what I’m looking for.”

The playlist management functionality gives me the ability to work on any playlist, at any time, without affecting my play out channels.

Easier metadata entry along with clip and playlist management across the network is also a key benefit. The ability to view clips on the network in a single, sortable list just adds to the speed of the LSM environment.

Speed and stability are the major advantages of EVS. There’s no time in live sports to have slow reactivity to the controller or to go through multiple menus or even reach for a mouse to get what I need in order to get on air. When I walk into a truck I never worry about whether or not the EVS will function how it should. It just works and it’s fast.

EVS has revolutionised live sports broadcast by delivering a consistent work environment from truck to truck. Operators never have to worry about their equipment, just about delivering whatever is needed for the show. EVS is the industry standard for a reason and there are a lot of people who make their living working on EVS equipment every day. There is no other system on the market that can keep up with the high demand and volume of fast turnaround video."

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Rich schlomann

Freelance EVS operator

Deliver a no-hassle 4k
workflow with the XT

“Over the past NFL season I've operated the EVS Epsio Zoom for the NFL On Fox using the XT3 to accommodate 4K record and playback. Deploying 4K technology gives any production a huge improvement in video quality. Combining 4K picture with EVS Epsio Zoom means we can crop smaller sections of that picture while still outputting a full-HD product.”

“A major goal of any live sports production is to give the officials and viewers the best possible angle and clarity to get the call correct. Given the speed of the games it’s vital to have these clips ready as quickly as possible. The turnaround speed and picture quality of the Epsio Zoom provide an extra layer of security when trying to get the call right.

Epsio Zoom replays also have a unique look, making them stand out to the viewer. This technology clearly has a place in the live sports world, but can be used in all types of production. By assigning ‘virtual cameras’ the user has the ability to create multiple camera shots from one video input, making Espio Zoom an attractive option for smaller productions as well. EVS is dedicated to constantly improving the performance of their equipment. They are always available for questions and receptive to suggestions, their support is first class the whole way. I’m confident EVS will continue to push 4K technology forward and find new ways to use it."

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Dave desrochers

Vice president engineerin, NESN

Work from anywhere. Anytime.
with the XT3

“EVS Xplore enables us to work remotely, allowing us to make use of additional camera feeds that we have never been able to use before. This means we can deliver a range of different camera angles, which might not have aired previously, to our pre and post-game studio shows.”

“Using Xplore we can have this content available to our production team much earlier in the process than we were able to in the past. Xplore also makes the process of transferring files much quicker.

We’ve found Xplore very operator-friendly and easy to understand, with a very intuitive GUI. Most operators only need a few minutes of training before they’re ready to use it."

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DAN BRokowski

Senior manager, technical
& prodcution operations, nesn

Work from anywhere. Anytime.
with the XT3

“We’re currently using Xplore for our coverage of the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins games. It’s being used in the pre and post game shows and we also use the system for our nightly news show NESN Sports Today.

The EVS production environment provides us with complete transparency from the main studio to the operators in the remote truck.”

“We can remotely access all clips being generated at in the truck to create highlights packages or replays. Xplore has exceeded our expectations, and there are still a range of other features that we’ve not implemented yet, so we’re not even using its full capability"

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