Creating Presets

To create a new preset for a particular screen, proceed as follows:

1. In the Presets bar on your main or secondary screen, click or tap the + button.

The following popup window will appear:

2. Enter a meaningful name for the new preset, for example 'Wide Angles'.

Note that the name is mandatory and can contain a maximum of 16 characters. If you do not enter a name, you will not be able to save the preset.

3. Click or tap the Save button to save the preset and return to the Mosaic.

In the Presets bar, a new preset button has been added with the name you just entered. The Mosaic on your main or secondary screen has switched to the new preset.

Depending on the number of connected servers and the total number of configured camera inputs, the Xeebra Client will have automatically filled the Mosaic on the main screen with up to 16 camera feeds from the servers it initially detected. On the secondary screen, the Client will have filled the Mosaic with up to 4 camera feeds.

4. You can now start repositioning the automatically assigned camera feeds or replacing them with camera feeds from other connected servers. See section "Moving Camera Feeds in the Mosaic" and Assigning Camera Feeds. You can also select a different home layout for the preset. See section "Selecting a Home Layout".

The configuration is saved as soon as a change is made.



You can create a maximum of 30 presets on either screen.