Training details

  • Product LSM Connect
  • Category Live Replay & Storytelling

The LSM Connect course is not provided as a “stand-alone” course. The subject can be included in another EVS operational training. A tutorial presenting the basic operations and settings is also available on the EVS website in the Training page.


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course provides the operator with a complete system overview of the LSM Connect, the description in the operation of the system for clips and playlist management.

Target group

LSM operators, highlight operators


Having attended the LSM-XT Basic Operational Training and acquired some experience with the LSM-XT server.  

Course content
  • Presentation and overview of the system hardware & software
  • Description of the user interface and purpose of the system
  • Detailed description of the operations of the LSM Connect
    • For clip management: selecting a clip (single or multi selection), editing a clip (metadata management) loading a clip, cutting and moving clips, searching for clips, operations with clips on the network
    • For playlist management: selecting and loading a playlist, making playlists visible, adding/removing clips, deleting/merging playlists, reorganizing clips within a playlist
  • Description of the system settings
  • Practical exercises on the different subjects
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