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MediaInfra Strada® is a complete routing solution designed to control your media workflows, providing you with IP connectivity with the option to connect your SDI devices. Consisting of an advanced customizable router control system with optional high-density SDI to IP gateways and switches from EVS' premium solution partner Arista, MediaInfra Strada comes as a drop-in replacement for an SDI router, while enabling you to grow into a full IP backbone with minimal effort.


Core benefits


    Scalable up to 10K I/O (and more) with options for SDI I/O and additional audio shuffling


    Provides you a guaranteed capacity of I/O upon purchase, with the ability to grow with native IP devices​ as well as SDI I/O


    EVS is field proven at providing the most reliable 24/7 support for 365 days a year through our worldwide support offices​


    Includes 100Gb/s cabling and pre-configured router control interfaces ensuring a plug & play installation​


    Out of the box, MediaInfra Strada functions as a conventional router, so you do not need IP expertise to implement​


    Through the customizable router panels, operators will not notice the difference between switching SDI or IP sources and destinations​

MediaInfra Strada - Key features
Key features
  • IP-based, still with the option for SDI I/O
  • Risk-free transition to IP
  • Comes turnkey, single shipment, easy to install 
  • Compact when compared to native SDI routers
  • Includes redundant switches and redundant Cerebrum servers
  • Optional 8192 x 8192 audio matrix
  • Linear expandable to up to 10k I/O 
  • You can build any non-square router
MediaInfra Strada - Key features
  • Neuron Bridge processing cards can be upgraded to IP processing units over time 
  • Embedders and de-embedding on all SDI I/O
  • Local shuffling, gain, phase and delay on all de-embedded audio channels 
  • Encapsulation to ST2110-30 streams
  • Frame-syncs on every input and output (min delay 0,8ms SDI to SDI)
  • Offset delay up to 120 frames per SDI I/O (4 seconds 1080i)
  • Locked to PTP or B&B 
  • Can also be used in a fully embedded ST2022 backbone
  • Optional Bidirectional 3G SDI I/O and unidirectional 12G capable SDI in- and outputs on HD-BNC


Cerebrum provides highly customizable interfaces to easily control, configure and monitor any production environment. It features easy router, tally, UMD, mnemonics, categories and tie-line configurations as well as IP device routing via NMOS IS-04, 05, SDP and various native protocols.

Neuron Bridge

Neuron Bridge is a multi-channel A/V-over-IP transceiver developed for use within low-latency and high-bandwidth IP networks. In combination with the SDI expansion module, Neuron Bridge can process up to 32 video signals and multiple channels of audio, acting as a uni- or bidirectional bridge in hybrid applications. Neuron Bridge also performs well in IP-to-IP setups, being the link between ST2022-6 and ST2110.

Neuron Shuffle

With new IP-based audio formats, like ST2110-30 and ST2110-31, the amount of audio channels within a broadcast facility can easily grow into the thousands. Finding which channels belong to which audio streams and shuffling the various channels from one stream to the other is becoming quite a challenge. With Neuron Shuffle you can shuffle and delay thousands of individual audio channels in an 8192x8192 audio matrix.

Arista Ethernet Switch

Highly dynamic broadcast environments continue to evolve with the introduction of new technologies bringing with them ever increasing bandwidth demands, accelerating the need for dense 25 and 100 Gigabit ethernet switching in both leaf and spine tiers. The Arista DSC-7050 Series are purpose built fixed configuration 10/25G and 100G systems built for the highest performance environments. 

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Besides the turnkey approach, EVS can also provide native SDI or pure IP routing solutions tailored to fit any infrastructure scenario. Contact us to discuss your SDI and IP routing challenges or book a live demo.


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