Archive digitization & content delivery

EVS' MediArchive Director offers a set of software tools to centrally manage various archive digitization and content delivery platforms, including formats which allow intelligent media browsing based on metadata and logging. Fast and easy delivery is automatically handled by these tools, managing automated media digitization, rewrapping and controlling all necessary robots to optimize management while providing a cost-effective content solution delivery.

Core benefits

  • Digitize and store

    The ingest module can digitize from tapes or files and/or import clips from post-production tools or IPDirector live feeds, import metadata (automatic or manual), text, images, and sound related to video content. The module is used for both metadata and video ingest preparation. Initially, it associates a set of metadata to a given tape or file. To make the media search faster and easier (based on ElasticSearch), the sets of metadata are classified into groups.

  • BPM & workflow management

    Built with the ability to leverage the EVS Ingest Funnel, MAD allows the workflows to be managed through the extendable offerings of BPM and workflows built with external systems.

  • Central control of archived media

    The manager module orchestrates all operations: content checks, backups, logging, dispatching, mailing, copying, etc. The system is configured so that the systems administrator can perform the basic set-up and create users and user rights. A job/project philosophy is taken to separate all requests in logical steps with an on-going monitoring process. Alerts and milestones are managed to link users to various robot processes.

  • Deliver and monetize

    With the ability to handle fast distribution to post-production, web (stream delivery, VOD personalized sites), to client by FTP (local or remote), to local delivery, to DVD/Blu-ray, to videotapes and to mobile.

  • Multi-tenant solution (out-of-the-self)

    Indirect model: purchase of EVS multi-tenant (i.e. multi-customer) solution to (re)sell (rent) deep archive solutions to their own clients in a service mode.

Key features

  • Feeds
  • AV File
  • Metadata
  • QC
  • Media Conforming
  • Servers
  • Windows 7 & 8
  • Google Chrome >=43 (for MADWeb & Logging Editor)
  • Mozilla Firefox >=38 (only for MADWeb)


Interra Baton

  • Blu-Ray
  • DVD
  • FTP
  • Cloud
  • DTL
  • VTR
  • Servers
  • VOD
  • ORACLE DIVArchive
  • SGL FLashNet
  • XenData
  • ASG Atempo Digital Archive
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Horse racing

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Fast and easy delivery is automatically handled by EVS' MediArchive Director

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