Employer caring at EVS

Our team members

The EVS Team is made of +-600 passionate and ambitious individuals working in over 20 offices throughout the world. Though EVS has grown a lot since its creation, our team members still share the same values of integrity, teamwork, collective responsibility, and sustainability, among many others. They remain our most valuable asset. Thanks to them, we are able to innovate, achieve excellence, and deliver quality solutions to customers worldwide with unmatched support. That's why it is important for us to provide a stimulating work environment for our talents, ensuring efficient collaboration towards common goals in a sustainable and ethical manner.​

We create return on emotion

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to providing a positive work environment where our team members are treated fairly, with respect and without any discrimination.​ Diversity and inclusion is key to discover talents, to have the right team member at the right place in the organization to ultimately achieve excellence. That is why we bring to attention the representation of minority groups at all levels. We have zero tolerance for racism and discrimination. Respect is one of our essential values. All too often, our industry is seen as a masculine industry. This is now changing. We promote diversity in our recruitment process which is open to everyone. In addition, we use English as the company language to avoid favoritism and we offer our team members several kinds of training courses with one goal in mind: progression. Everyone within EVS who has the competence, talent and willingness to grow can progress. ​

Well-being of our team members

EVS pays special attention to providing its team members with a pleasant working environment that encourages personal development and demonstrates respect for the individual. This includes, among other things:​

  • An attractive workplace

    At the headquarters and in our offices, we place the emphasis on making the workspaces pleasant, practical and comfortable.​

  • A caring culture for all team members

    Excellence and kindness are important for EVS. We want to treat our team members the same way they treat our customers.​

  • A learning organization

    We organize internal and external training programs to assure the personal development and fulfilment of every team member.​

  • Continuous development

    In line with our training programs, we aim to achieve continuous development for all our team members. We support this goal with our Individual Continuous Improvement Process and our talent management programs which help identify the strengths and areas of improvement of our team members, but also their wishes for their future in the company. A tailored development plan is then designed to support them.​

  • A broad range of activities

    Several activities are organized by and for the team members. These aim to build team spirit (during departmental incentives for instance), to gather everyone together (during company events), or to provide opportunities for team members to meet each other (by doing sport in the neighborhood).​

  • A competitive global remuneration package

    Our Reward strategy aims to link the remuneration package with the skills and experience of each person. But we also emphasize company profit-sharing programs as we believe that team members’ commitment is fostered not only by financial rewards but also by a purpose-driven job.​

This strategy pays off and reinforces a sense of belonging among our team members. Over the past few years, the turnover rate has decreased sharply, and it remains particularly low despite the relatively young average age of the company’s employees (40 years). EVS has more than 600 team members working over 20 offices throughout the world and expects them to act with integrity.​

Local contribution

The Charity Day

In 2022, we installed a paid leave system so that each team member can have a day off to help the community. The goal is to give them the opportunity to take one paid day off per year to help a recognized organization of their choice.​


By building responsible partnerships with local suppliers, actively supporting cultural and social projects, and encouraging its employees to do likewise in their own environment through targeted sponsoring, EVS is committed to improving and developing the communities  where our offices are located.​

We support employee volunteering and charitable donations by providing corporate financial and in-kind contributions for communities in which the company has a presence or impact. The EVS Leadership Team, with the support of the Board of Directors, has put in place a sponsorship program in which each EVS team member has the possibility to support a local program, school or sports club with up to 100 EUR. The purpose of this program is to financially support causes that matter the most to our team members and help the local community. After the flash floods in July 2021, the Leadership Team decided to leverage this program to support local projects and organizations to help victims affected by this natural disaster. EVS team members could request up to 200 EUR (instead of 100 EUR) to support these initiatives. As a result, in 2021, out of the 214 requests received, 93 concerned associations who helps victims of natural disasters. A total of 18.600 EUR was transferred to organizations supporting relief programs in four countries. In total, EVS managed to support up to 30.800 EUR for local projects across the globe (mostly in Belgium but also in The Netherlands, in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and UK).​