Building a better future in which we further reduce our environmental impact is a responsibility of every company, of every organization and of every human being.

Serge Van Herck, Chief Executive Officer
EVS' long-term commitment to the environment, its team members and the communities in which we operate, has always been an integral part of our culture. We practice and demonstrate this commitment every day through practical and engaging initiatives that make an impact.

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This sustainability report describes why and how we address and implement sustainability at EVS Broadcast Equipment. The report is based on the GRI reporting framework.

EVS' headquarters in Liège, Belgium

Our approach

The Board of Directors determines the strategy of EVS, inclusive the sustainability strategy. In 2023, one board member will take the role of sustainability sponsor.

The Leadership team is responsible for the management of EVS’ operations, including the implementation of the sustainable strategy.

In 2021 we created an EVS Sustainability Team. ESG topic being a wide topic that involves a lot of departments within EVS, it is important that we keep a common approach with a clear vision within EVS and that’s why we asked team members from various department (HR, Finance, Business Application, Customer Success, Engineering, Legal, Marketing…) to be part of this team led by Dounia Czorniak – Deputy CPO within the HR team. The role of the team is to monitor the progress and implementation of the sustainability strategy and provide reporting.
  • Our sustainable development goals

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    EVS supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Sustainable Development Goals are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and improve the lives and prospects of everyone, everywhere.

  • Sustainability data

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    Get to know more about key sustainable metrics that we monitor on a regular basis at EVS: employees turnover, their satisfaction, the people diversity, energy consumption, and so forth.

  • What we do for the planet

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    From the eco-system we live in, to the tools that help us grow and through products we design, we have at heart to protect environment. We pay a special attention to the footprint we leave behind us at different levels.

  • Our people

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    Though EVS has grown a lot since its creation, our team members still share the same values of integrity, teamwork, collective responsibility, and sustainability, among many others. Our team members are our main asset.

  • Sustainable governance

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    Our sustainable governance takes into account various sustainable policies, the sustainability of our supply chain, cybersecurity and data privacy (which are crucial in our industry) and the composition of the governance bodies.

EVS - Ecovadis Silver medal 2022      

EVS Deputy CPO honored with Corporate Star Award in Best ESG Leader Category:

EVS receives lowest risk ESG rating from Sustainalytics:

EVS wins IABM Environmental Sustainability Award:

EVS achieves EcoVadis Silver status for its first CSR sustainability rating: