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Video technology has become an integral part of the worship experience, helping to engage with congregants on a whole new level whether they are attending in-person services and events or watching on digital platforms and television. By leveraging the latest video tools and technologies, EVS allows you to maintain the level of quality your worshipers expect while keeping your operations simple and intuitive enough to easily involve volunteers in the production process.

Powering the largest and most prestigious productions around the world, EVS can help you: 
  • Increase your House of Worship's attendance and online reach 

  • Amplify your message and repurpose your content

  • Overcome the challenge of limited access to professional staff 

  • Stay ahead of the evolving media landscape

  • Keep costs under control while creating inspiring experiences

  • Control many devices from lighting and video processing to switching

Our solutions at a glance

Built on market-leading production tools, our solutions are designed to help you create the spiritual  experience you are aiming for.

On stage display content

LiveCeption Pure

Intuitive tools enabling simple video clip, to multi-camera synced playback

SDI/IP routing

MediaInfra Strada

Turnkey SDI/IP routing solution compatible with all your legacy equipment while offering the foundations for a smooth transition to IP

Multi-device control


Customize the panels the way you want to streamline your live operations and control all your devices

NLE integration

MediaCeption Signature

Record all cameras all the time and make content available to video editors

Monitoring walls


When it comes to speed and flexibility, there is nothing on the market to compare with our powerful, modular multiviewer that can handle up to 4K resolution

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Rundancy white paper
White paper

Redundancy in live IP media infrastructures

While ST 2022-7 is great for solving many different aspects regarding redundancy in IT networks, there are some scenarios where the technology is ineffective against packet loss or data corruption. Discover a new intelligent switching method that guarantees peace of mind in any scenario.

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Supported devices

At the heart of EVS solutions, the Cerebrum broadcast control & monitoring system is compatible with almost any broadcast device for efficient and agile operations.

CCP4200B button press in the field
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