For all the products that were End of Life in 2021 or beyond,
please check our Documentation Portal:


As part of the product life cycle process, and in order to continue providing high-quality solutions aligned with the changing needs of our customers, EVS put in place a retirement program for some of its older products.

If you are owner of EVS products you can find on the list below products that have scheduled for retirement, as well as the estimated date of their End-of-Support.

In order to fulfil the requirements that go beyond these product discontinuations, EVS in some cases recommends new generation of solutions as replacement product. In any cases, you can contact your EVS Sales Representative or EVS Support to discuss the most appropriate upgrade path for your EVS system.


After that date, it’s no longer possible to order the product through EVS direct sales or channel partners.


That date indicates the last date to receive service and support through EVS support systems, unless covered by SLA. EVS does not guarantee any support with regard to these third parties products other than the support provided by the supplier thereof under their own terms.


This category contains all the EVS products which are no longer sold and supported by our support systems.