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  • News production center

    EVS app news production center

    Bringing speed and reliability to your operations, EVS’ solutions streamline your entire production process from ingest to playout, allowing users to remain focused on what matters the most: creating news content that triggers the interest of your audience and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Outside Broadcast and flypack

    From replays and highlights, integration with post-production all the way to vision mixing, media processing, and router control, you can trust our field-proven offering to scale to your needs and make every single one of your live productions a success.

  • Sports production center

    Sports production centers want to produce engaging programming that allows viewers to get even closer to the action. Their team must remain focused on creating compelling sports shows rather than having to tackle the complexities of your infrastructure's underlying technology.

  • Stadium and venue production

    Besides driving higher attendance at live events and reaching out to new audiences, venues should also look to maximize the performance of their production infrastructure, by using flexible resources that fit diverse budget requirements and can be deployed only when needed.

  • Generalist production center

    EVS app news production center

    Backed by over 25 years of experience, EVS’ solutions are designed to help you deliver first-in-class news bulletins, sports and entertainment shows in the fastest way with no compromise on quality.