Transfer, transform, orchestrate and monitor your media movements

VIA Xsquare provides a single entry point for production teams to transform, orchestrate and monitor media files as they move through the live workflow all the way from ingest to shared storage and distribution. By centralizing all media processing job requests in a single web interface, reducing transcoding needs, and enabling SDR/HDR conversion on the fly, VIA Xsquare maximizes productivity and offers higher visibility of all workflow processes. Its high-availability design and flexible architecture provide users with a scalable system to manage workflows between EVS systems, third-party storage,  and non-linear editing (NLE) systems.

Core Benefits

  • Maximize your productivity

    Acting as central orchestrator for all job requests, and providing robust and high-speed transcoding operations, VIA Xsquare makes it easier to process your media in multiple formats and to simultaneous destinations (e.g. playout, archive, social media and post-production). 

  • Scale with confidence

    Scale and orchestrate your processing power with confidence: benefit from VIA Xsquare’s high availability design for guaranteed uptime and a flexible architecture that can quickly meet all new business requirements. 

  • Streamline your production workflows

    VIA Xsquare reduces transcoding needs thanks to native H.264 extraction from the server and allows you to easily cross convert between HDR and SDR to adapt to all broadcast standards and production environments. 

  • Easy integration and total transparency

    VIA Xsquare enables seamless workflows between EVS and third-party systems, managing client job requests through APIs, and providing advanced integration with post-production tools including AVID, Adobe, and FinalCutPro. 


Media transfer and processing engine 


Live PAM featuring dynamic applications for live media content browsing, control, edit and playout, all relying on a central database.


PMZ is EVS’ innovative virtualization platform designed specifically for OB trucks and temporary events.

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Adaptive and LUT-based HDR conversion

Read the latest application note and learn more about adaptive and LUT-based HDR conversion in VIA Xsquare

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Key Features
  • Centralized database for all workflows and processor configurations
  • HTML5 web-based monitoring and administration
  • Manages load balancing between XTAccess engines
  • Manages multiple sources (EVS servers or files), to multiple destinations simultaneously (such as EVS playback servers, post-production, OTT, archive etc.)
  • Icons and labels for jobs and configurations
  • Live transcoding (CPU & GPU-based, incl. edit-while-transcoding)
  • ID and metadata updates as well as preservation
  • Advanced Avid integration (NEXIS/ISIS, Interplay PAM/MediaCentra| Production Management, AAF/OPAtom)
  • Video processing (logo, burn TC, audio matrix, EVS EDL/PLS render and translation)
  • Seamless integration with other EVS solutions in the VIA microservices ecosystem
  • User-access control and grouping
  • Rules management
  • Active directory integration
  • Queue and priority management
  • File transfer accelerator integration (Aspera, Signiant, FileCatalyst and Amazon S3 Transfer Acceleration)
  • XT/XS-VIA H.264 native proxy transfer
  • SDR/HDR cross conversion (static LUT or dynamic)

Get the most out of your EVS equipment

At EVS, we understand how important it is for our customers to gain an edge in the live production environment.  That’s why we’re empowering operators and technical engineers to become advanced users of our technology – leading to better production values, streamlined workflows and better ROI from your EVS investment.

VIA Xsquare maximizes productivity

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