The purpose of this page is to help you share our vision in an impactful and consistent way by giving you access to the brand's resources and providing guidance on how to apply them.

You have applied the brand guidelines to one of your communications? Please submit for approval  at marketing@evs.com.

For more detailed guidance on our brand identity, please download our PDF brand guide.

Download EVS brand guide

EVS logo

Careful attention should be made when applying our logos in your communications, to ensure that the EVS brand remains clearly identifiable. There are two versions of the EVS logo: a colored version to be used on white or light backgrounds and a whiteout version to be used on black or dark backgrounds.

  • EVS colored logo

  • EVS whiteout logo

  • Never use our colored logo on dark backgrounds

  • Never use our logo in black

  • Never use our logo in a solid color

  • Never change the shades of our colored logo

  • Never distort our logo

  • Always keep our logo horizontal

  • Never add graphical effects to our logo

EVS logo clear space
Clear space

For maximum impact, always ensure the EVS logo clearly stands out. The clear space designates the space around the logo that is free from any type of visual information. It is an area where no other graphic or textual object can be inserted. To make sure you respect the clear space, a simple rule of thumb is to use the width of the letter ‘E’ as a reference.

Download our logos

Careful attention should be made when applying our logos in your communications. Although you have the choice between two versions of our logos, we strongly recommend that you use the colored version whenever possible.

Corporate logo

Click below to download our colored and whiteout logos for print and digital use:

PRINT tech specs: .PDF | CMYK | 300DPI
DIGITAL tech specs: .PNG | RGB | 72DPI

Product and solution logos

Click below to download our product and solution logos for print and digital use:

PRINT tech specs: .PDF | CMYK | 300DPI
DIGITAL tech specs: .PNG | RGB | 72DPI

VIA logo

Click below to download our VIA logo for print and digital use:

PRINT tech specs: .PDF | CMYK | 300DPI
DIGITAL tech specs: .PNG | RGB | 72DPI

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Color palette

Our official color palette is inspired by our corporate logo. It reinforces our brand personality while communicating consistently across all channels. Our color palette provides a structural approach to our visual communication. It is essential to respect the meaning of each shade in all forms of communication. Read our brand guide to find out more.

  • EVS Blue

    CMYK: 83 | 0 | 0 | 0
    RGB: 0 | 174 | 239    
    HEX: #00aeef

  • EVS Turquoise (MediaHub)

    CMYK: 72 | 0 | 31 | 0
    RGB: 0 | 190 | 190
    HEX: #00bebe

  • EVS Green (MediaCeption)

    CMYK: 52 | 0 | 88 | 0
    RGB: 141 | 198 | 63   
    HEX: #8dc63f

  • EVS Orange (MediaInfra)

    CMYK: 0 | 58 | 91 | 0
    RGB: 245 | 130 | 33   
    HEX: #f58221

  • EVS Red (LiveCeption)

    CMYK: 0 | 95 | 75 | 0
    RGB: 237 | 27 | 50
    HEX: #ed1b32

  • EVS Pink (PowerVision)

    CMYK: 15 | 94 | 0 | 0
    RGB: 216 | 11 | 140
    HEX: #d80b8c

  • EVS Light Grey

    CMYK: 8 | 5 | 5 | 0
    RGB: 241 | 242 | 243  
    HEX: #f1f2f3

  • EVS Mid Grey

    CMYK: 20 | 10 | 10 | 0
    RGB: 212 | 220 | 225   
    HEX: #d4dce1

  • EVS Dark Grey

    CMYK: 85 | 70 | 50 | 40
    RGB: 49 | 60 | 76
    HEX: #313c4c

EVS diagonal shapes
Diagonal shapes

Diagonal shapes are part of our graphic identity, as are our logo and our official color palette. These diagonals are based on the 60° angle of the letter “V” in our corporate logo. They represent the dynamism and agility of our company, always oriented towards innovation.

Inter typeface overview


For all textual elements, please use our official typeface ‘Inter’, taken from Google’s font library and suitable for both online and offline usage. If you are unsure on how to spell an EVS product or solution correctly, please refer to the "Wordmarks" chapter in our brand guide.

Download Inter typeface

EVS corporate showreel

Corporate video

If you are searching for a video teaser or showreel of the EVS brand, please feel free to download the videos below:

Download teaser (00:25 - 17MB)

Download showreel (01:12 - 38MB)

EVS corporate photo gallery

Corporate imagery

An open access photo gallery is available to illustrate your communications when referring to EVS.

View gallery

Complete brand guide

For more detailed information on our brand identity, if you would like to share best practices with a partner or colleague, or if you simply want to keep track of our branding guidelines, download our PDF brand guide by clicking on the image.

Approval before release

You have applied the EVS brand to one of your communications ? Please submit your request for final approval to our marketing department.

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