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XT-GO® allows the renowned reliability and capabilities of EVS servers to be more accessible for smaller productions operating on tighter budgets. It delivers the essential functionalities of a powerful XT live production server including live feed recording, slow and super motion replays, as well as clipping and playlist control. It also offers flexible configurations, integrates all new formats and protocols from HD/ FHD to UHD-4K, SDR to HDR, and SDI to IP, all at an unexpected price.

Core benefits

  • Quality and reliability

    Based on EVS hardware, XT-GO® provides a reliable solution with a comprehensive feature set that delivers premium quality content at a compelling entry level price.

  • Increased production capabilities

    With the ability to connect up to two servers together, the XNet-GO media sharing network allows you to record more cameras and share media transparently.

  • Flexible connectivity

    The server brings hybrid SDI/IP connectivity for easy migration to IP workflows and to assure full IP interoperability with other systems thanks to approved SMPTE 2110, PTP and NMOS standards.

  • Fast and efficient control

    The LSM-GO remote offers essential functions for live events and sports replay actions. It is immediately accessible to any LSM operator with no need for extra training. LSM-VIA can also be used, offering LSM-VIA’s rich feature set and new workflow possibilities.

Key features

  • 8ch FHD and HD (720p, 1080i, 1080p) 
  • 4ch UHD-4K (2160p)
  • 4ch Fill/Key (720p, 1080i, 1080p)
  • UHD-4K:  XAVC-Intra, DNxHR 
  • HD/FHD:  XAVC-I, AVC-I, DNxHD or ProRes  

1.5G-SDI, 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI selectable in software settings

  • 10G Ethernet SFP+ 
  • IP ST2110 (-10, -20, -21, -30, -40) 
  • NMOS IS-04, IS-05, EMBER+
  • PTP
  • 128 uncompressed audio tracks
  • Embedded, AES and MADI support
  • Internal storage of 11TB
  • Expandable to 22TB
  • Recording capacity of up to 140 hours at 100Mbps
  • Hot swap storage
  • EVS XNet-GO (3G-SDTI)
  • Dual 10Gbps media sharing network
  • Redundant 1Gbps management LAN ports
  • 2 external inputs
  • 4 individual outputs
  • 15 different layouts
  • Tally support
XT-GO® IP back panel
XT-GO® IP back panel
XT-GO® SDI back panel
XT-GO® SDI back panel
LSM-VIA close up

To quickly create replays and highlights during live productions, and now also with advanced audio editing capabilities, XT-GO can be controlled with the LSM-GO remote as well as with LSM-VIA. LSM-GO offers all essential functions for live events and sports replay action. LSM-VIA offers a wider range of features like IP connectivity, VIA XSquare integration and mappable shortcut buttons.

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XT-GO® makes EVS' reliable and powerful technology more accessible to sports venues and colleges

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