Control and process all your media workflows

EVS’ MediaInfra solutions offer highly advanced broadcast control, monitoring, conversion and real-time processing for SDI, IP, and hybrid broadcast infrastructures. Trusted by broadcasters, network operators and service providers across the globe, and composed of our Cerebrum, Neuron and Synapse product lines, EVS' field-proven MediaInfra solutions have been designed to make any broadcast environment reliable, flexible and easy to maintain.

Core benefits

  • Adaptable to any scenario

    Designed to manage simple as well as very complex workflows, and suitable for both SDI and IP environments, our MediaInfra solutions are also built around an extensive list of APIs and protocols, which makes them compatible with almost any third-party broadcast device.

  • Flexible I/O anywhere at any time

    With high density SDI to IP or IP to SDI gateways, you are able to route any type of signal to any place at any time throughout your entire facility, giving the highest level of flexibility to your signal flows.

  • Customizable and familiar interfaces

    Since your live IP media streams become part of a hybrid Routemaster, operators will not notice the difference between switching SDI sources or switching IP streams. Users are also free to completely modify their interfaces and create their own router panels.

EVS MediaInfra Strada solution
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Rundancy white paper
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Easily control, configure and monitor any production environment


The "modular glue" for IP infrastructures capable of processing all the tasks needed in traditional baseband video and audio


Process, distribute, convert and analyze any type of uncompressed video and audio signals

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