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XtraMotion® is an AI-based service that allows production teams to transform any live footage, as well as post and archived content into super slow-motion replays. Replay operators can simply clip any content from anywhere on the network, render it to super slow-motion and play it back in seconds from their EVS replay server. XtraMotion is available as Edge (on-prem) or as a Cloud service.

Super slow-motion everywhere Highest quality Fastest turnaround


Core benefits

  • Flexible ways to buy

    Pay-as-you-go (SaaS) or opt for a subscription license (OPEX)

  • Reduced TCO

    Minimize the investment in high framerate cameras and ingest channels on your servers

  • Integrated ecosystem

    AI application fully integrated with the replay and highlights environment

  • Simplified operations

    One click triggers the creation of a super slow-motion clip, available for playback within seconds

  • EVS signature quality

    Proprietary AI algorithm scientifically designed to optimize picture sharpness

  • Fastest turnaround

    5-second turnaround regardless the clip duration (XtraMotion Edge)

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EVS live replays and highlights systems

Advanced functionalities and familiar tactile controls for fast and flexible replays and highlights operations.

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EVS live production servers

With EVS trademark reliability, flexibility and loop recording technology to bring all your stories to life.

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LSM-VIA integration

By the push of one button, LSM-VIA operators can turn a regular speed clip into a super slow-motion replay.

EVS LSM-VIA single touch XtraMotion trigger

On-prem super slow-motion processing: The turnaround time with XtraMotion Edge is ±5 seconds, independent of the clip length,  making it possible to use processed clips in your live storytelling.

Cloud-based super slow-motion processing: The turnaround time with XtraMotion Cloud is ±20 seconds for a 3 seconds clip, at an average up- and download bandwidth.

EVS LSM-VIA single touch XtraMotion trigger
Technical specifications

Supported source formats: 720p, 1080i, 1080p, UHD, SDR, HDR

Supported source framerates: 50/59,94; any SSM speed

Supported content: live feeds or file-based content, including audio

Supported ‘slow’ factor on standard framerate content: x3 or x9 with a second pass

Import native super-motion content: import from high-framerate cameras regardless the SLSM factor (2x to 6x, 3x to 9x, 4x to 12x,…)

Turnaround time: 5-seconds with XtraMotion Edge (regardless the clip duration) - from 20-seconds with XtraMotion Cloud (including clip upload)

Faster than real time: cue and play super slow-motion growing files, start reproducing SSM clips before full clip has been processed

Integration: fully integrated into LSM-VIA (also works with LSM, XFile3, IPDirector and many other products)

Easy to operate: same destination as source, intuitive feedback and monitoring utility

EVS LiveCeption solution
Turning live productions into thrilling storytelling

Unlock the exceptional replay capabilities brought by our LiveCeption® solution. Tap into the EVS ecosystem where products, services, and 3rd parties come together to offer best-of-breed solutions.

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Explore further

  • Hands-on demo

    See for yourself how easy it is to generate super slow-motion content from any camera with just a single touch of a button! Watch video

  • Try it yourself!

    Simply upload your chosen video clip and we’ll send you an email with the link to the XtraMotion processed video. Try it now

  • Enhancing live replays with AI-powered effects

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Storytelling is always top of mind at FOX Sports and applying the XtraMotion effect really helps us give that extra visual wow factor to our productions.

Mike Davies, FOX Sports

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