Connecting every stage of your content journey, from production to distribution

When it comes to live production, maximizing the potential of your content is key. So, how can you enhance its value and accelerate it’s time to market? What steps can you take to broaden your audience reach? And, crucially, how do you empower your team to operate with greater efficiency through every stage of the content creation process, all the way from the ingest of content to distribution to the end user? Introducing VIA MAP® – the Media Asset Platform that seamlessly connects the spheres of live content creation and production with distribution and monetization, empowering your creative vision every step of the way.

Key benefits

  • Remote collaboration

    Thanks to VIA MAP’s web-based HTML 5 apps, production teams can conveniently produce, manage and distribute content from any device, wherever they are located.

  • Customized workflows

    The integrated VIA Flow workflow engine lets you create the workflows you require (e.g. import, multi-platform publishing, conversion, archiving) to meet your most complex production requirements and extend your capabilities as you grow. 

  • Advanced asset management

    Enrich your assets with powerful metadata through logging, data feed import and AI tools. Enable advanced and intuitive search to help your production teams quickly find the best content for editing, publishing or playback operations. Robust user rights management ensures your content is only visible or deliverable when appropriate.

  • A future-ready architecture

    As a fully virtualized software-based platform on containerized microservices, VIA MAP can be deployed in multiple environments enabling a completely scalable production infrastructure, secured across highly available clusters.

  • Extensive integration capabilities

    The VIA OpenGate engine offers a complete REST API catalog that enables certified third-party integrations to leverage the complete VIA MAP toolset including ingest, asset and metadata management, media transformation, publishing as well as playout.

  • Enrich your IPDirector workflows

    Customers using our IPDirector live PAM suite can also benefit from VIA MAP services (such as web-based ingest UIs and VIA Flow), bringing more efficiency into their workflows.

EVS VIA MAP diagram
VIA MAP is built on three core engines enabling efficiency, integration and versatility

Core Engine: smart ingest and playout, import, export, as well as advanced search and browse functionalities.

Data Engine: data generation, consumption, and management, AI assistance and automated processes. 

OpenGate Engine: robust API’s allowing the seamless integration of third-party solutions.


Search, browse and rough-cut assets for direct delivery or to prepare for post-production.


VIA Create presents a familiar and easy to learn interface, designed for efficient editing operations performed at the speed of live production.

VIA Ingest

Scheduled or on-demand crash recording across any record channel of an EVS production server. Users can even browse EVS Record Trains to efficiently use recordings in the past.

VIA Import

VIA Import enables browsing and importing of local media and cameras, including ENG formats like P2 and XDCam, with preview and rough-cut options available. Additionally, VIA Flow allows for automated imports based on watch folders.

VIA Record

VIA Record allows you to “Roll to Record” for multi-camera productions destined for both live and post-production Templatized naming, and metadata ensures consistent results.



Easily add time-based metadata to your assets, be it predefined tags or simple text. One entry can be deemed relevant to a single asset or a multi-camera grouping. These “locators” can be applied LIVE or at any time in the lifecycle of your assets.

VIA Melt

Used by media managers to prepare and initiate archive "melt" workflows, for example simplify the process of sending only the best angles from an Outside Broadcast (OB) production to archive, while preserving metadata and logs.

VIA Manage

Typically used by media managers for archive and purge activities, VIA Manage give you full visibility of your assets and the various media components such as high-res, low-res and archive. Easily visualize what assets are used by whom and where including sub-clips and edited sequences including support for Adobe Team Projects. Full audit logs of all actions taken against assets.

VIA Link for Adobe

The Adobe plug-in integrates VIA MAP panels directly into the Premiere Pro interface. The Import panels provide access to the entire VIA MAP database, while the Export panels facilitate exporting Adobe Sequences to specific Play to Air or file delivery targets or workflows.

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VIA MAP enables a unified ecosystem of EVS solutions


With EVS MediaHub®, VIA MAP seamlessly links live production with web-based content distribution, allowing content owners to fully monetize their assets.

The platform empowers rights-holders, sponsors and digital media teams to easily access content through an on-demand content acquisition portal and to create unique stories by leveraging metadata enriched content that increases operational efficiencies when distributing and monetizing live production content.


Through the integration with EVS LiveCeption®, VIA MAP unifies live production and post-production teams, by seamlessly linking outside broadcasting trucks with production centers.

The direct link between the teams through VIA MAP enables productive collaboration, as multiple operators and editors can jointly work on the same production by immediately pushing or pulling the relevant content when needed, therefore benefiting from a swift multi-site production.

Along with the available content, even from multi-angle camera live feeds, there is an uninterrupted bond of associated metadata enrichment occurring live from the truck operators, which enables editors in the production center to find, view, browse and select the best angles clips in real time.

The VIA MAP achieves a real time connection of live and postproduction workflows through a unified and cohesive interconnected platform.


Using VIA MAP on top of Cerebrum enables router control automation capabilities for production teams, reducing delays, dependencies on other departments and the need for manual intervention.

Together with Neuron, EVS's SDI and IP processing unit, you are assured that all signals are routed to your ingest servers in a compatible format. 

The combination of a customizable and user-friendly interfaces and the automation and processing efficiencies, permit a lower cost of ownership due to the unified platform that becomes possible when utilizing the VIA MAP along with Cerebrum.

VIA MAP lets you best allocate your resources to efficiently manage your changing business requirements


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