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Our new turnkey routing solution offers SDI connectivity on an IP backbone.
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EVS Xeebra - FIFA Quality
FIFA grants EVS’ Xeebra with VOL and VAR certifications

Latest certification tests organized by the Football’s governing body confirm precision of the system’s integrated video assistant referee and virtual offside line technology

EVS’ Xeebra® multi-camera review system has been granted the FIFA Virtual Offside Lines (VOL) and the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) certifications following a series of tests carried out by independent, FIFA-accredited test institutes at the Grimsta IP stadium in Sweden in August.  

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EVS XtraMotion packshot - Broadcast Production Award Winner

Cloud-based super slow-motion service

Generate super slow-motion replays from any camera angle using the power of AI

EVS LSM-VIA packshot

Live replay and highlights system

Streamline all your live slow-motion replay operations for compelling storytelling

EVS XT-VIA packshot

Live production server

The next-generation live production server that transforms live action into memorable stories

EVS XT-GO packshot

Live replay server

Get premium quality content at a compelling entry level price

EVS Cerebrum packshot

Broadcast control and monitoring system

Easily control, configure and monitor any production environment

IPDirector packshot

Live PAM Suite

Live PAM featuring dynamic applications for live media content browsing, control, edit and playout, all relying on a central database.


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