Adobe intergration with EVS

Live access to all ingested content in your Adobe projects

EVS and Adobe have joined forces to provide a unique integration, bringing the best editing platform to the most powerful live production environment.

Editors have access to all live content ingested by the MediaCeption and LiveCeption solutions, including metadata for both media and Adobe Premiere projects. EVS workflow tools ensure powerful and fast rendering, direct to playout.

With Premiere’s support of MXF OP1a file wrappers, any media recorded on EVS servers can be shared instantly and without transcoding, with Premiere Pro craft editors, even during a file transfer to a shared storage volume. Metadata created and associated to the media remain available for operators and editors throughout the entire workflow.

editing in Adobe premiere

Multiple panels have been developed inside  Premiere Pro

  • Importer
    • import any LoRes or HiRes media in Adobe projects for editing without having to transfer content
    • search based on metadata and user-rights
    • browse all content referenced inside MediaCeption
  • Projects
    • create projects and sequences with live production metadata
    • share with other users and trigger actions on projects and sequences (modifications, rendering)
  • Exporter
    • trigger render sequences locally or centrally on a rendering farm, including metadata for playout
  • Any media recorded on EVS servers can be shared instantly with Premiere Pro craft editors

Key features of Adobe Premiere Pro

  • Worldwide industry-standard video editor

  • From video clips to feature-film quality in one platform

  • Connect to other pro video and audio tools from Adobe

  • Import and export clips from anywhere to everywhere

EVS, LucidLink and Adobe introduce joint solution at NAB 2023

The combination of LucidLink’s high-performance remote collaboration Filespaces technology, EVS’ live production tools, LiveCeption® and content management solution MediaCeption®, and Adobe’s industry-leading editing and production platforms in Premiere Pro enable creative teams to quickly ingest live events, edit, and stream to audiences in as near to real-time as possible, from anywhere in the world. 

The joint solution was showcased at this year's NAB. Hear from Mike Shore from EVS, Michael Gamböck from Adobe, and Alex Ferris from LucidLink how this integration allows for faster and easier workflows for production teams.

Visit the Adobe Premiere Pro website