The EVS Ambassador Program is one of EVS’ means to develop closer relationships with operators and customers through the sharing of experiences and knowledge

The ongoing connections we make through this program allow us to bring to the market the level of knowledge that is necessary to follow the evolution of EVS’ products and solutions.

EVS Ambassador Program map
The mission
Today, we have several Ambassadors travelling the world providing training and support, participating in workshops and dry runs, and helping with the launch of new projects.

A significant part of their mission is also to observe, challenge and translate the needs of the field into features requests, and explain their relevance to the EVS Solution Managers who lead the development of EVS’ products and solutions.

While the program currently focus on our LiveCeption solution for live replays & highlights (LSM-VIA) and our MediaCeption solution for asset management, we have plans to cover more solutions in the future.

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