Job Summary:
Reporting to the Director, Christmas Operations (i.e., Santa Claus), the Elf is responsible for the design, development, construction, assembly and packaging of all Christmas toys and related presents for distribution to children all over the world. The Elf is also responsible for the sorting of mail (paper and electronic), maintenance of the request database and assisting with list checking and updates, maintenance, upkeep and security of all North Pole buildings and grounds including the workshop and coal mine, care of reindeer and sleighs, and preparation of warm beverages and hot packs as required for the Director.

Education, Training and Experience:
Certificate/Diploma in Toy Manufacturing from an accredited Elf institution. Eligible for membership with the Elf Craft Guild, Local NP. Several hundred years of related experience.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:
Demonstrated knowledge of Christmas traditions around the world.
Demonstrated knowledge of childhood dreams and wishes.
Ability to work effectively with elves at all levels of the NP enterprise including chubby and jolly ones.
Ability to be nimble, quick, and slightly magical.
Ability to make hot rum and bake cookies.

Working Conditions:
Must be able to tolerate extreme cold weather.
NP positions are open to all non-elf applicants however preference will be given to those with pointed ears.