Training details

  • Product Cerebrum
  • Category Infrastructure

2 days (or 4 sessions of 4h each)


English (other languages on request)

Course objectives

This course is meant for experienced engineers who have attended the Cerebrum Designer Basic training, and want to learn how to create software panels and custom workflows using Cerebrum Designer toolbox. Upon completion of this training session, the participants will be able to script in the Designer application to create and implement granular workflows and UI.

Target group

Experienced Broadcast service engineers and experienced GUI designers.

Training Format

Classroom (full days) or remote training (ILT - half-days)

  • Proven experience with broadcast workflows

  • Cerebrum advanced experience

  • Scripting experience using Cerebrum Designer

  • Having attended Cerebrum Designer Basic Training

  • Good knowledge of studio setups and how various devices interact

  • Understanding of requirements in studios on the operational level

  • Have Cerebrum locally installed on personal computer with a demo-mode lincense enabled prior to the remote training

Course content

The Cerebrum Designer Advanced training course contains the following sections: 

  • Follow-up on Cerebrum Designer Professional services

          • Reminder and Q&A of the basic concepts of Cerebrum Designer Basic training

  • Understand the use of:

          • Events
          • Actions
          • Template arguments
          • Variables
          • Naming convention
          • Data types
          • Expressions
          • Logic blocks
          • Incremental paste
          • DataStore
          • Functions
          • For Loop

  • How to diagnose and troubleshoot
  • hands-on exercises



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