• 12 May 2021
  • 27.2021 PRONEWS LSM-VIA 1.2

New Features

  • Advanced Audio Editing

    With the LSM-VIA remote you are now able to perform audio and video splits through the Advance and Delay playlist functions. Don't forget to enable Advanced Audio Editing in the LSM-VIA configuration.                                                                                                               

    Find out more about Advanced Audio Editing in this instructional video:


  • Export Playlists

    Thanks to the integration of Xsquare into LSM-VIA, it was already possible to export clips. Now with version 1.2, we have further improved the Xsquare integration offering you the possibility to export playlists.                                                                                                                                                                                        

    Find out more on how to export a playlist in this instructional video:   


  • Search Interface

    In the LSM-VIA Viewer application, a Search Interface window is now available. By hitting F8, the Search Interface window will open allowing you to see all the Clip Angles from the XNet network in a list view. Different filtering tools allow you to search for local and network clips.

    Find out more about the Search Interface in this instructional video:


Operational Improvements

Beside these major updates, some operational improvements have been implemented in LSM-VIA 1.2 as well thanks to the valuable feedback coming from our community of operators.

  • Shortcut buttons

    We have improved the Shortcut buttons. Instead of 6 Shortcut buttons, we offer you the possibility to map up to 12 Shortcut functions thanks to the introduction of a secondary level (shift row). The remote shortcuts defined by the operator are now persistent when rebooting the LSM-VIA software.
    These Shortcut functions will be further improved in the next release.

  • Direct Access functions

    Another operational improvement is the direct access to some clip functions. You no longer have to press the Shift button in order to access Search TC, Push, Metadata, AUX and Archive functions, as those are no longer on a secondary level on the LSM-VIA remote.

Learning & User Community News

  • LSM-VIA Happy Hours

    The happy hour sessions are still on! 
    Whether you have questions, want a short demo or want some tips and tricks about the LSM-VIA system, don't hesitate to book a slot with one of the ambassadors! You have until the 15th of June!
    Go to the booking platform!


  • Worldwide Adoption

    It has been 6 months since the first commercial release of LSM-VIA, and we are very excited to share a few numbers reflecting its journey:
    About 650 LSM-VIA remotes have found a new home with about 60 of our customers all over the world.
    On-boarding sessions are being organized to brief their operators on the major new possibilities offered by the system, and no less than 300 experienced freelance LSM operators have been trained on its specificities.
    Wanna be next? Contact us at training@evs.com !


  • News From Our Training Centers

    We are pleased to inform you that a few training sessions are being scheduled in some of our training centers! Check out the available dates on our website, or contact us directly at training@evs.com.
    No dates available in your area? Dive into our E-learning Repository, where you will find free-of-charge educational materials on our products and solutions!

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