• 19 August 2021
  • 29.2021 PRONEWS LSM-VIA 1.3

New Features

  • Shortcut Functions

    The fully revamped Shortcuts user interface offers access to many more functions, classified by categories. Now you can map a VIA Xsquare target directly to a Shortcut button, or even add a clip to any local Playlist using the “Add to PL”’ macro.
    You can also clear the shortcuts assigned to one or all buttons at once, using the ‘Clear Shortcuts’ button.

    Find out more about the improved Shortcuts in this instructional video:


  • Flatten Playlist

    The VIA Xsquare integration is extended to Flatten Playlist. With the touch of one button, flatten the active Playlist to a user-defined Clip location on the local XT-VIA Server. No extra configuration needed.


    Find out more about the Flatten Playlist function in this instructional video:   


Operational Improvements

Beside these major updates, some operational improvements have been implemented in LSM-VIA 1.3 as well thanks to the valuable feedback coming from our community of operators.

  • Flag for Archive

    The VIA Search component of the LSM-VIA Viewer now supports the “flag for archive” workflow (Alt+Z shortcut). You can use the metadata “Archive Status” to filter in the VIA Search panel and maintain a good overview of your Archive workflow.

  • Making a Playlist Active

    When recalled from the Remote Panel or from the LSM-VIA Viewer, a Playlist will be made active, but no longer cued.
    Only the Shotbox function will cue your Playlist.



    Recently, EVS launched XtraMotion, a new cloud-based service that allows production teams to transform any live footage, as well as post and archived content, into super slow-motion replays.

    Thanks to the advanced AI, combined with years of Replay experience, XtraMotion enables the creation of super slow-motion footage out of any kind of cameras. 

    Because of the latest improvements of the shortcut buttons released in LSM-VIA 1.3, we can now add the XtraMotion target directly onto our shortcut buttons to easily create that game changing replay.

  • Find out more about XtraMotion in this instructional video:



Did you notice some new faces in the instruction videos? We are pleased to present the latest additions to our team of LSM-VIA Ambassadors:


  • Tom Ryan

    "Unlike most EVS operators, my 15-year career has focused less on instant replay and more on media management for large scale sporting events and working as lead EVS op for entertainment shows. By owning and operating my LSM-VIA from home, I gain new clients who are interested in reliable distant production workflows.” Tom Ryan

  • Rodrigo Pizarro

    "I am a freelance replay operator based out of Toronto, Canada with 10 years of LSM production experience. I am excited about the new LSM-VIA and can't wait to demo and teach other operators." Rodrigo Pizarro


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