• 15 April 2023
  • EVS.com
Neuron View, EVS' multiviewer for live production
EVS, the leading provider of live video technology, has announced the launch of Neuron View, a flexible, low-latency and power-efficient multiviewer, specifically designed to support the needs of live production teams. 

With Neuron View users can monitor multiple IP streams at the same time for improved usability and ease of operation of their live production workflows.

Neuron View is the latest software application that can be run on EVS’ Neuron Network Attached Processor (NAP). Its addition to the platform further enhances Neuron’s versatility, which already boasts several other software variations capable of bridging SDI to and from IP, handling real-time audio and video processing, providing firewall and failover switch applications, compressing HD and UHD signals, as well as swapping and shuffling audio channels.

With one card, of which two fit in one frame, Neuron View can support two UHD outputs or up to eight full HD outputs in a fully customizable layout. The multiviewer supports all the essential functionalities needed in demanding live production environments, including multiple tallies and static or dynamic UMD's per picture, PTP or countdown clocks, and various audio bars to indicate audio activity. Configuration of these features can be done using EVS’ Cerebrum broadcast and monitoring system, REST API or the multiviewer’s web interface.

Moreover, when using IP routing solutions such as EVS’ MediaInfra Strada, production teams can easily route video feeds from any source to the Neuron View, with just a push of a button. The combined functionality of these two technologies offers live production teams a seamless workflow and efficient management of video sources.

Lastly, environmental sustainability is one of EVS’ main ESG objectives and the company is dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint of its customers. As part of this commitment, EVS has designed Neuron View to be highly power-efficient using close to 90% less electrical power than server-based applications. Compared to previous EVS SDI-based solutions, it also consumes approximately 40% less power while occupying only 1/6th of the rack-unit space. By adopting Neuron View, production teams can benefit from enhanced production capabilities and save on both space and energy costs thanks to the multiviewer’s sustainable technology.

"The introduction of Neuron View is a significant milestone for EVS. Adding this sixth pillar to Neuron expands the functionality of the platform and further demonstrates our commitment to simplifying operations for production teams. We’re looking forward to presenting Neuron View at NAB, and discussing how we plan on enhancing the application with more features over the coming months,” said Jean-Pierre Nouws, Solutions Manager at EVS.

EVS' Media Infrastructure experts will be present at NAB2023 to showcase Neuron and all its applications, including Neuron View, at the EVS booth #N2147 in the North hall.

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