• 09 March 2021
  • EVS.com
EVS feat Blackbird

EVS, the leader in live video technology for broadcast and new media productions, has announced today a partnership with Blackbird, the world’s fastest, most powerful professional cloud-native video editing and publishing platform, providing rapid access to video content for the easy creation of clips, highlights and long-form content to multiple devices and platforms. The solution will be deployed in upcoming international sporting events.

“It’s a real thrill for us to announce this partnership with EVS, and to do so with a deployment on the greatest international sporting events taking place in the near future is simply fantastic."

Ian McDonough, CEO of Blackbird

“As a certified partner Blackbird is helping EVS to expand its live and near-live content management and distribution offering with the integration of a flexible infrastructure and future-proof cloud-based video editing that meets the challenging demands of the world’s most prestigious sporting events.”

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer at EVS

Blackbird operates in the fast-growing SaaS and cloud video market, and has created the world’s most advanced suite of cloud-native computing applications for video, all underpinned by its lightning-fast codec. Blackbird’s patented technology allows for frame accurate navigation, playback, viewing and editing in the cloud. Blackbird enables multiple applications, which are used by rights holders, broadcasters, sports and news video specialists, esports, live events and content owners, post-production houses, other mass market digital video channels and corporations.

Since it is cloud-native, Blackbird removes the need for costly, high end workstations and can be used from almost anywhere on almost any device. It also allows full visibility on multi-location digital content, improves time to market for live content such as video clips and highlights for social media distribution, and ultimately results in much more effective monetisation.

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    Head of Marketing & Communications