• 04 April 2024
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EVS XT-VIA new licensing model
EVS, a leader in live video production solutions, introduces a new licensing model for its flagship XT-VIA live production server, setting new standards for flexibility, accessibility, and user experience in the broadcast and media production industry. 

This new approach allows users to effortlessly adjust their production capacity to their evolving requirements, facilitating seamless channel expansion and server functionality changes without the need for hardware swaps. As a result, users can scale up or down when needed, ensuring optimal resource management and cost-effectiveness.

EVS XT-VIA licensing model
Three distinct modes are available – Multicam, Spotbox, and Sportlight – catering to varying production requirements, and guaranteeing speed and reliability throughout:

Multicam: Designed for the most demanding live productions, providing super slow-motion replays and highlights with fully equipped features for larger ecosystems with multiple camera feeds and complex workflows.
Spotbox: Ideal for ingest and playback purposes, featuring reliable record ports to ingest multiple live feeds, and playback channels for shot-box purposes (also suitable for studios, news/MCR environments).
Sportlight: Tailored for smaller or budget-conscious productions, offering EVS quality replays and highlights with reduced workloads.

This unprecedented versatility is particularly advantageous for live service providers needing to adapt quickly to changing customer requirements. Tier-1 providers can seamlessly handle a mix of tier 1 and tier 2 live events, while tier-2 providers can minimize their initial investment, yet still get access to premium functionalities for high-profile events.

Additionally, broadcasters and production centers initially requiring servers solely for standard ingest/playout purposes can effortlessly implement replay capabilities as their productions evolve, maximizing the utility of their hardware investments.

Quentin Grutman, Chief Customer Officer at EVS, explains, "Our goal with this new licensing model is to give our customers more flexibility and control over their productions and expenses. We've also prepared for future needs by including options like OPEX models and on-demand license activations. Ultimately, this means easier access to high-quality production and better value for our customers, empowering them to effectively navigate today's competitive market demands."

EVS’ XT-VIA server equipped with the new licensing model will be showcased at the EVS booth #4015 in the South Upper Hall at the NAB Show in Las Vegas, from April 14th to April 17th, 2024.

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