• 25 January 2024
  • EVS.com
EVS Flex Production project
EVS has been nominated for a prestigious Caius award for its collaboration with Orange Belgium, La Grand Poste on the groundbreaking "Flex Production" project. Showcasing the advantages of centralized 5G-based production, this initiative not only pushes the boundaries of technological innovation but also brings positive impacts to the cultural and educational landscape. 

The Caius Award nomination recognizes the joint efforts of all partners in bringing the theatrical production "Andromaque" to life for over 10,000 students of the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles. Leveraging Orange Belgium's cutting-edge 5G Standalone (5G SA) signal, the "Flex Production" project delivers an immersive viewing experience, seamlessly blending live theater and cinema, and makes it accessible to a broader audience. The initiative also highlights the benefits of utilizing 5G to reduce operational costs associated with live event production and minimize the carbon footprint by enabling teams to work remotely. 

EVS Flex Production project

Unveiled on October 5th 2023, the project employs multiple Ultra HD cameras powered by LiveU's Reliable Transport protocol (LRT™) to transmit recorded content from the Théâtre de Liège to La Grand Poste (a local hub dedicated to creativity and innovation), over Orange Belgium’s 5G network, ensuring high-quality, low-latency live streams. From there, EVS' central production system oversees the entire live production process. The content is made accessible free of charge to students from WBE Educational Institutions through EVS’ MediaHub content exchange solution. Integrating with Blackbird’s cloud-native video editing platform, MediaHub allows students to create their own edits and highlights of the performance directly in the cloud, from any location. 

"This project resonates with our company's core values, underscoring our dedication to technological innovation and our social and environmental responsibilities."

Nicolas Bourdon, CMO at EVS

Nicolas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer at EVS, expressed, "This project resonates with our company's core values, underscoring our dedication to technological innovation and our social and environmental responsibilities. We are delighted to provide students with the chance to explore and practice their skills using professional production tools and equipment, allowing them to immerse themselves in the creative process as aspiring directors." 

Prométhéa's Caïus 2024 Awards ceremony will be held on March 25, 2024 at Trainworld, bringing together business leaders, political representatives, opinion leaders and key CSR players to celebrate the exceptional commitment of companies to culture and heritage.

Watch the interview by Belgian news channel LN24 with Serge Rangoni from Théâtre de Liège and Nicolas Bourdon from EVS to discover how Flex Production has enabled over 10,000 students to enjoy an immersive viewing experience that combines the benefits of cinema with the qualities of live theatre.
About the Caïus Awards  

Organized by Prométhéa, an association active since 1985 in promoting corporate patronage for culture and heritage, the Caius Awards celebrate committed companies that excel in innovative partnerships supporting culture and heritage. The competition is open to any company, regardless of its size, engaging in societal initiatives with a positive impact on the community, in support of the cultural sector. 

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