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About us

We create return on emotions

EVS is globally recognized as the leader in live video technology for broadcast and new media productions. Our passion and purpose are to help our clients craft immersive stories that trigger the best return on emotion. Through a wide range of products and solutions, we deliver the most gripping live sports images, buzzing entertainment shows and breaking news content to millions of viewers every day – and in real-time.

We provide smart live production solutions

The year of our foundation, in February 1994 by Pierre L’HOEST and Laurent MINGUET, also marks the year of the introduction of our Live Slow-Motion system that has become the standard replay technology for all broadcast sporting events across the globe. We’ve maintained our industry-leading position over the years, building on our solid and reliable technological know-how and widening our product portfolio along the way.  We now offer a full set of products and software-enabled microservices that respond well to the need for a more flexible approach to video production. 

We invest in our clients’ future

We are committed to helping our clients grow as the industry evolves, and to deliver on this promise, we continue to invest in the latest technologies. Through our pioneering work in IP, AI & machine learning, we remain ahead of the curve, while ensuring our clients are empowered with smart and scalable solutions that produce the best live stories today and tomorrow.  

We are set to become the heart of the live ecosystem

Customer success is what keeps us on our toes. We aim to be our clients’ trusted partner of change on the road to delivering faster highlights, stronger efficiency and higher creativity to their live video productions. We work hard to realize our vision which is to provide the heart of the live production ecosystem – an ecosystem where our clients can benefit from our Connected Live technology and Creative Live solutions that come together for the most engaging viewing experiences.

The most outstanding office space in Belgium

In 2018, EVS won the CBRE Office Space of the Year contest, which rewards the most attractive workplace in Belgium. Built in 2015, the HQ building located in Liège is a true representation of EVS' corporate culture, where employee wellness is put center stage thanks to its pleasant, inspirational and healthy working environment.

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Our history


EVS acquires Axon

EVS complements its live production solution portfolio by acquiring broadcast network infrastructure specialist Axon. Over the last 30 years, Axon has grown from their base in the Netherlands to become a global leader in broadcast network infrastructure with a team of close to 90 professionals; trusted by broadcasters, network operators and service providers to drive, control and monitor critical operations with reliable, cost-effective solutions. Axon is built on innovation and excellence, with a strong team of R&D experts whose experience and dedication is unrivalled.

The acquisition positions EVS as the only technology company able to provide a comprehensive modern media infrastructure solution that includes advanced IP processing, SDI/IP conversion, SDN-based control and monitoring, as well as UHD-4K and IP multiviewer. The deal also allows EVS to further expand its global footprint and leverage its international presence to accelerate the reach of Axon’s expertise and technology.

EVS' 25 years of emotions


EVS' 25th Anniversary

In 2019 we celebrated our 25th anniversary, and with it another year of accomplishments and successes! Thank you to our clients, partners and employees who have helped us reach this important milestone. We are grateful for your support and we look forward to exploring new opportunities with you in the years to come. Please visit our 25 years of emotions dedicated page to watch our videos, illustrating the key moments of the EVS history.


VIA Platform

EVS introduces its innovative VIA platform to respond to the need for a more flexible approach to live video production. The company now boasts a full set of products and software-enabled microservices that cover all aspects of live video production.



EVS expands into the Video Assistance Referee (VAR) market, with its new Xeebra



EVS launches DYVI, the next-generation video switcher.


New building

EVS opens its new HQ in Belgium



New branding

Same company, same values, new branding.



Sport 360

EVS continues to innovate, launching XT3, the third generation of its XT servers, and C-Cast, the first system for delivering complementary content, including multiple camera angles, to second screen platforms. C-Cast is part of Sports 360, a new concept introduced by EVS which covers all aspects of sports media, from live broadcasting to new media distribution.



Vancouver / South Africa 2010

EVS technology is selected by the host broadcasters (OBS ans HBS) in charge of the production of the Winter Games in Vancouver, and the FIFA World Cup in South Africa, as the preferred technology provider for the acquisition, storage, editing and media management operations of these audience breaking events.



XS, Xedio, Insio

The lack of big sporting events in 2009, combined to the economical crisis (which had an impact on the whole broadcast inductry), had an influence on EVS'activities in 2009. Despite this tough environment, the company went on investing in R&D and developing new solutions, mainly for the studio market (e.g. XS, Insio or Xedio).



Beijing 2008

The summer was the highlight of this sportive year, with the UEFA EURO2008TM and the Beijing Summer Olympics. During that major event, all OB vans were exclusively equipped with EVS servers. Numerous TV stations covering these events also used EVS solutions, and the company in charge of the video production of the Games for the International Olympic Commitee also used technologies for the media server within the International Broadcast Center. In total, more than 700 XT(2) servers were used through the world for coverage of the Olympics.




While there were no major sporting events in 2007, EVS invested in R&D, and opened new foreign offices to prepare the future growth in the promising studio segment, which increases bu 25% during the year. The high level of margin was kept stable.



Germany 2006

Our teams assisted those of the largest television networks in the world during the World Cup in Germany, with more than 200 EVS systems deployed. The new IPDirector architecture used at the heart of this mega-production made it possible for the finest images to be sent to more than 900 million viewers.




EVS launched the XT(2) television production platform, which allowed efficient transition from standard definition to high definition images. In Septembre 2005, EVS acquired new projects by enabling near-live workflows in studio productions.



10th anniversary

Marked the 10th anniversary of EVS by setting a new record for revenue. In December 2004, the XDC digital cinema initiative was invigorated by the spin-out of XDC, resulting in a dilution of EVS at a level of 60%.




EVS inaugurated its new headquarters. 2003 signaled the real take-off of high definition television in the USA, South Korea, Austalia and Japan.



EVS deployed the XT platform at the FIFA World Cup for the first time, networking more than 80 recorders. The Latin American markets were handled by the New York office. An office was opened in Los Angeles, particularly for the needs of digital cinema.



Olympic Games

In order to invigorate its growth, EVS opted for and invested in video broadcasting systems and digital cinema. In the context of the Olympic Games in Sydney, NHK, the dominant Japanese television station, asked the company to develop a high definition recorder prototype.



Italy and the United Kingdom offices

EVS set up two further subsidiaries, in Italy and the United Kigdom.



Subsidiary in France

In july 1998, EVS opened a subsidiary in France in order to handle the important developments in the World Cup market which the group was involved. In October 1998, EVS listed on the firstmarket of Brussels Stock Exchange and raised EUR 7.4 million. This amount bas been used to guarantee the company's expansion and attract top-quality employees.



Hong Kong and United States offices

Following a private placement, EVS opened two subsidiaries, in the United States ans Hong Kong, to market its equipment on the American and Asian continents.


Hard disk recorder

In September 1995, EVS developed a super digital hard disk recorder in partnership with Panasonic, who released the first Super Motion camera (3 times more pictures than a traditional camera) for the Atlanta Olympic Games. This enhanced the international reputation of EVS.


EVS foundation

EVS Broadcast Equipment S.A. was founded in February 1994 by Pierre L’HOEST and Laurent MINGUET. The founders of EVS aimed to develop equipment for the digital recording of pictures on hard disks (disk recorders) for the professionals within the television industry, the broadcasters.